NBA - Dirk Nowitzki enthuses MAVS

Dirk Nowitzki has ravaged in the highest tones of Movistar Luka Ionic and awarded the Dallas Mavericks despite the existing problems good chances in the race for the best playoff placements. In addition, the German was honored by the plans of Mass to build a statue for him.

In addition, Nowitzki in an international media round on the occasion of the Christmas Games in a good two weeks talked about his experiences with the NBA holiday, the MASS plans for his Jersey Retirement in January and his personal top 75 list.

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Dirk Nowitzki over...

... his basketball retirement: Life after the career end is great. I travel a lot and spend time with my family. We have three small children, we try to show you new cultures. That's a lot of fun. I also try to add new things away from basketball. I can not complain.

... the plans for his Jersey Retirement in January: That will be a very special evening. I'm sure the Mass will surprise me with some things. I know that a few guests from Germany be there, including friends and family. But I do not want to know everything that happens. I want to be surprised. And I will be quite certainly very emotional, that will be an overwhelming experience.

... his announced statue: You know me, I am a quiet, modest man — that's a lot of spotlight for me. If someone than 19-year-old, when I left Germany, told me, That I would get all these honors over 20 years later, I would have held him crazy. That's a dream that has gone true. I hear from so many people that they appreciate what I have done for this city and the organization Of course, that makes me extremely proud of me. I was recently at a MASS game and I drove over the Nowitzki Way, that's Surreal. So it will go to me, if my jersey is hanging under the hall corner and sometime the statue before the American Airlines Center stands.

Luka Doncic shines in MSG debut, Dirk gets standing ovation in Mavs' win vs. Knicks | NBA Highlights ... the previous season of the Mass: We started pretty well. What thrown us a little, were injury worries, starting with Kris taps Mornings. He missed several games, came back, has played back really well and then Luka Ionic injured at the ankle. If one of them is missing, then we have problems at both ends of the court. As a result, we have lost some games that we should have gained. But when Luka and KP play, we are a very good team, When Luka comes back, we can lie down a run. Such a season always has up and abs, but it's still early. The goal is the playoffs and the home advantage, which is difficult in the Western Conference. But if we stay healthy and finally Our threesome meet — I do not know exactly why that did not work so far — then we should have a good chance.

MASS legend Dirk Nowitzki enthuses Luka Ionic

... the young stars of the league with the highest upside: For me Luka is of course at the top of the list, because he is just 22 years old. He still has air up and much to learn. He has already hardly gaps in his game, he is creative, can read the game, distribute the ball, scores — no matter what position on the court. And that at his age, that's incredible. Nikola Join already has an MVP Season behind them, Gianni Antetokounmpo has two MVP awards and a title — there is currently a lot of international superstars in this league, but for me Luka has most upside.

... his loyalty to the Mass: The times have changed. The NBA is a business, today everyone has a platform and wants to be a brand. Everyone has to find the best solution for themselves and his family, I was there more and more Old School, I was about basketball. I always wanted it to work here. Mark (Cuban, team owners, note d. Red.) And the fans were always very loyal to me. That has it I did not like to stay here and stay a 'Maverick for Life'. The only reason why I might have changed at some point, if we did not want to win the championship and I wanted to hunt a ring somewhere, I'm not sure Whether it had come so far. But fortunately we won 2011, and I never had to do that. I am very happy as it ended up.

... the NBA Top 75: It's a huge honor that I'm a part of the top 75. It is unbelievably hard to create it on this list. I have created a list yourself, but it is Not easy to compare players from the different Anne. To limit me to 75 names, was very hard. But I was very proud when I saw the final list with my name.

.. His weighting at the top 75: I tried to see the big whole. I can not accuse Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley that you have not won a title because you had to play against Michael Jordan every year., You can not reduce it to the missing titles. I spent three evenings for three to four hours with my list, I have made it very hard for me. But that was also fun, I've learned a lot about the players I did not have playing. I really studied these players and made my homework. In the end, I had a few names on my list, which did not make it to the official TOP 75. Only number 1 was clear, Michael Jordan Always becomes the goat for me. By the way, I did not put myself on the list. (laughs) ... its All-Time Starting Five from international stars: That's hard. There was a few great players in front of me and also for me. I was a big fan of Armadas Saxons, Brazen Petrovich or Toni Yukon And Dealer Schemes would of course be on my list, because I have persecuted his career very intensively. Pa Stojakovic was one of the best shooters of all time for me, his throw was awesome. Tony Parker I remember as a great Point Guard, and now we have Gianni, Luka and Join. It's hard to set five names. I've probably already forgotten some now. We have already seen many incredible international stars.

Dirk Nowitzki: Stephen Curry has changed basketball

... the influence of international players: When I came to the league, every team may have an international player in the squad. Now the international stars are not only franchise players in their teams, but also have a great influence On the communities. Basketball has grown heavily around the world, since I came to the league. That makes me proud.

... about the upcoming three-record of Stephen Curry: I believe, nobody is currently in sight who can break his record. It's just fantastic as he meets — he has changed the game. Now Everyone wants to throw far behind the triple line. Meanwhile, the players send the ball from the centerline to the journey, that would never have given it to my time. If curry is hot, then I'm on the couch and scream the TV As soon as he is behind the centerline: 'Throw! Walk!' It is easy to cheer someone like him, with which many can identify themselves because he is not overly athletic, and he is a super nice guy.

... about his experiences in the Christmas Games: Three games are not very many in 21 years. Since I would probably have to ask the NBA why we did not get anymore. (laughs) but seriously, that Was always a nice time. Most of the time was my family in the city and of course you want to play well. As a fan, if you had his Christmas dinner, and you sit in front of the TV all day and NBA is the class, is the class. It is of course one Honor to play at the Christmas Day, you want to represent and win his city, his team well.

... his money fade away: As a young player you can pull to the basket, forcing free throws and jumping back immediately. If you get older, but you lose a step. So I wanted to create a throw that nevertheless Gave space. With my length, I was able to throw about everyone over any of everyone and even be an efficient scorer in a high age. Over time, the litter became my signature shot. That several players now record the litter in their repertoire is a huge honor, I am pleased that he continues to see in the game. Actually, everyone can learn him, the litter is not that hard. Above all, Kevin Durant is so supple, sometimes looks better than the original.

... a potential role for the national team: I have also read the statements of national coach Gordon Herbert, but I have not talked to him so far, I have long known him, even from his Würzburg time. Since he has accepted the job But I was not in contact with him. Of course, I would like to listen to how a collaboration could look like, but I've been here for 20 years in the US, my future will be here too. That could be difficult for the national team If I'm not working on the ground all the time. I am already an ambassador for the European Championship 2022, maybe we find a way, but so far there were no conversations yet.

... the Finals 2011 against Miami: We were lucky, LeBron James did not go to Miami first in summer and therefore had not found all their roles in the team around LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. It was not all their roles. It was found Happiness that we played against them in year 1. They had the talented team, but we were older and had clearly defined roles: I as Scorer, Jason Kidd as a Playmaker, Tyson Chandler or Shawn Marion as defender.

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... the rivalry with the SPURS: When I came to the league, they were always the best team in Texas. The Spurs were like the big brother and that we wanted to annoy. So the rivalry has been the rivalry developed. There was a time in which we played in the playoffs almost every year. That was always a great atmosphere, and it went against great players and against one of the best coaches the league has ever seen. One of the largest Victories of my career is still game 7 in 2006, when we have beaten the Spurs in Overtime and I sunk the drive and one for extension. I will never forget that.