Nintendo classic: this pretty fan

Nintendo is now known to suffocate cool fan projects often in the germ. An unofficial sequel to a SNES classic could appear now without Nintendo can do something about it. And even it looks perfect.

SNES classic gets fan-sequel

Nintendo's games have always shaped childhood and inspired creative heads. Unfortunately, many resulting fan projects are prohibited or even sued with potential, if the influences are too much to recognize. Only a few months ago, for example, the development of a promising metro id fan games had to be terminated. (Source: Nintendo life)

Currently, however, a fan game in the making, the Nintendo can not stand in the way. It is Mother 4 — an unofficial sequel to the Earthbound series, under whose name it is known in this country. Since the release of Earthbound for the SNES, the series cult status. at least in the niche of the JPGs, in which the games are still known for their rousing, curious stories and their humor.

The fan project should now take over all the continuing and popular mechanics from Part 3. A first trailer to the beautiful homage, you can look here:

There is not a release appointment yet. But the game should appear for the PC as soon as it is done.

Why are Nintendo bound your hands?

The rights to the Mother series are not alone at Nintendo. Only those who take the code of the original games for his projects can be reconciled by Nintendo. That does not happen in the case of a sequel.

Against fan projects and unofficial sequels, the company could only proceed if Shinto IOI, the creative head behind the games, had something against this. But the good thing is: he seems to advocate fan games to his own series.

Nintendo High (Ep 6)  - Lovestruck

At least he had repeatedly talked about that in recent years that he would like to lay the future of Mother, or Earthbound, like to put into the hands of the fans. Own statements after IOI and his team do not develop new games more on the series. A fourth part he would very much prefer to enjoy as a player instead of as a developer.

(Source: Brutus Magazine / Translation of Earthbound Central, Nintendo Dream Magazine / Silicon era)

The influence of mother games is still noticeable today. Games like Undertake would not be what they are today without the series. Those who now feel like a few ingenious RPGs reminiscent of old classics should take a look into the following picture track: