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If you do not have a Nintendo Switch and want to start directly with the first game, for which is the bundle of console and ring fit adventure something. Media Market has the set until 4 December 2021 for 339 euros on offer. The delivery is free of charge. According to the price comparison Portal Ideal, many other online providers offer the bundle around 16 euros more expensive. With a trick you save more (all prices and information — as of 3 December 2021).

Nintendo Switch Bundle cheap at Media Market

Play and be fit, which is possible with the Nintendo Switch Bundle. The hybrid console comes with 6.2-inch touch display and 32 gigabyte memory, which can be extended to up to 2 terabytes with a micros card. Ring Fit Adventure consists of an adventure game, a ring holder and a leg belt for the Joy-Cons. In the game they come forward with fitness exercises. For example, squats are needed to defeat opponents. The controllers in the brackets recognize their movements.

Around 16 Euro compared to the competition Save, with voucher 26 Euro! Two Joy Controllers Console (Neon Red and Neon Blue) Ring fit adventure download code plus ring-con and leg belt

We've Played Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch... Is It Any Good?

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