Pokémon Legends: Arceus Leaker reveals new Pokedex potential details

Next month, Pokemon legends: Areas will be launched in Nintendo Switch, offering a new look at the past of the world Pokémon. The Pokémon Company has revealed some of the creatures that players can expect to find, but there are still quite a few questions about what Pokémon will appear in the game Pokédex. However, the filter Riddler kHz on Twitter has revealed some possible new details about this aspect of the game. As with any filtration, readers are recommended to take this with a grain of salt until we obtain the confirmation of The Pokémon Company.

In the Tweet of Riddler kHz embedded below, several Pokédex numbers can be found. Some of these numbers are associated with Pokémon already revealed for the game; For example, the number 722 is Rowlett, one of the headlines of the game.

Pokémon Legends: Areas takes place in the HIS UI region, which is actually Singh in the distant past. On a follow-up Tweet, Riddler kHz notes that all established Singh Pokémon (Pokédex 387-493 numbers) will be available in the game. In another Tweet (which can be found right here), the filtration also shows blank spaces that represent some Hessian forms that players can expect to see. This has led to a lot of speculation about ways that have not yet been revealed. A featured theory is that each of the game holders will have a single final evolution, but that has not been confirmed.

Fortunately, Pokémon fanatics will not have to wait much more for more information! With the launch of poor brilliant diamond and glossy pearl last month, The Pokémon Company will probably focus much more on the promotion lands: Areas. There is a lot of enthusiasm about the game, and its changes to the Classic Pokémon Formula have many anxious fanatics for seeing how things are developed. The fanatics will have the opportunity to discover for themselves when Pokemon legends: aqueous launches on January 28! Meanwhile, readers can consult our previous game coverage right here.

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