Ripe exam passed: DHB women storm into the World Cup

Germany's handball women have prematurely achieved the quarterfinals at the World Cup in Spain. Thanks to its outstanding captains Emily Book and Alina Grijseels, the DUB team may now dream of the first medal since 2007.

K.O.-Phase achieved, the medal dream lives: The German handball players have passed their maturation exam and stormed in the World Cup in Spain into the quarterfinals. The DUB team of national coach Hank Greener defeated StairMaster South Korea in the second major running game after a strong performance with 37:28 (19:16) and may dream of the first medal since 2007 after the fifth victory in the fifth World Cup game.

We have shown excellent performance today, Greener said. We started great. The defense was too, and we got the pieces of pieces. It was a deserved victory for my team who has fought great.

Eight goals of the German captains

Relevant percentage of the premature achievement of the round of the last eight had the two captains Emily Book and Alina Grijseels. Both made only about 70 spectators in Roller eight times. In addition, the German team convinced after the break with a medal tire defense power. In the duel with co-favorite Denmark at the main round finals on Sunday, the Greener team can now also make the group victory perfect.

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For Germany, it is the first to participate in a World Cup quarterfinals for eight years. Possible opponents in the round of the last eight are hosting Spain and South and Central America Champions of Brazil next Tuesday.

This is a ripening exam for our team. Solving this task would show that we have grown demanding situations, DUB sports board Axel Kramer had said before the game. Accordingly, the motivation was in the German team, the disappointments of recent years, when the nerves were always forgotten, forgotten in the decisive moments.

South Korea may only hope for a short time

Book and Co. put in front of the disappointing backdrop in the 1992 Olympic Hall as the fire department. Your ball gains in the DEFENSIVE moved the DUB selection consistently in countershootors and thank five hits in series after not once five minutes with 5: 1.

But the South Koreans fought back into the game, especially thanks to their offensive battle strength. Again and again the two-time Olympic champion searched again the 1: 1 and in the middle of the first half (8: 8).

The German team remained cool. Above all, Book and Grijseels now went forward and then considered responsibility when it came on it. Book met four times alone in the first section (five attempts), games maker Grijseels set shortly before the halftime whistle with their sixth goal (six attempts) at 19:16.

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Even after the break, the German team dominated the game. Rear strengthened the defense with every minute, in front mainly — natural — Book and Grijseels. When Xenia Smith finally raised to 28:22 after a three-quarters of an hour, a preliminary decision had fallen.