The critical role reveals the nine new subclasses in the Configuration Guide for the Tal'dorei Reborn campaign

ROL Critics provided the fans with an advance of the nine subclasses that will appear in their next tail'Dora reborn, book. Today, Critical Role revealed that it will launch the Configuration Guide for the Tail'Dora Reborn campaign next month, which will provide exhaustive updates for the Tail'Dora region. While the official press release for the announcement included the news that the book would include nine new subclasses, the Harrington Press blog page provided additional details about what these subclasses would be. According to the publication of the BLOG, Tail'Dora reborn campaign in the following nine subclasses:

Barbara: Road del Juggernaut Bard: College of Tragedy Cleric: blood domain

Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap-Up

Clergy: Lunar domain Druid: Circle of contagious Monk: Cobalt soul path Sorcerer: Rune child Palate: oath of the open sea Magician: blood magic

In addition, each of these nine subclasses will receive their own iconic character designed by the illustrator Lauren Walsh. Two of these iconic characters are the cleric of the Lunar Nays dearth domain and the firm circle of the ruined Druid Camellia Spring shower.

Of the nine subclasses listed above, four are new and have never been published. The oath of the open sea paladin is new in the tail'Dora reborn campaign, but was previously shared by mercer after its debut as a new subclass used by the character of Travis Willing ham, Fjord during the campaign 2. Others were previously published in the original. Social campaign of Tail'Dora Guide, who is now exhausted.

In addition to the subclasses listed above, the new book will provide details about what happened to Tail'Dora during the twenty-year period between campaign 1 (which was developed mainly at Tail'Dora) and the Campaign 2. Also included are new Traditions and updates. Statistics blocks for each member of Vox Machine, magical objects (including legendary diverge vestments) and dozens of creature statistics blocks, as well as a guide of all the main regions of Tail'Dora. A drop-down map of 18 «x 24» will also be included with each copy.

The campaign configuration book was created by the main designers Matthew Mercer, Hannah Rose and James Hack. Additional contributions were made by Critics The members of the cast Laura Bailey, Taliesin Gaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, Marisha Ray, Sam Rigel and Travis Willing ham; as well as John Stavropoulos and Maria Year.

Reach of the scenario of the Tail'Dora campaign will be launched on January 18, 2022.