The first day of the community of Pokémon Go is revealed in 2022

Pokémon Go will revolutionize your methane with the first day of the community of 2022. Today, Pokémon GO provided players new details about their next community day, which will take place on January 16, 2022. The new event will have Sphere, an ice / water-type Pokemon that appeared for the first time in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Cairo. While Sp heal already has its variant Shiny included in the game, the day of the community will offer players the opportunity to get a Warren (The completely evolved form of Sp heal) with a set of movements devastated. When Sealers evolves Warren during the event, he will learn the POWDER SNOW and ICICLE SPEAR movements. ICICLE SPEAR is a new movement for Pokémon Go that inflicts 60 damage, depending on how much energy is needed to use the movement, it could provide Warren much more use in the Ultra League PVP format. More details on how much ICICLE SPEAR improvement will be disclosed once Pokémon Go update your Game Master's data, probably before the community day event in a few months.

The event will also come with a triple capture XP bonus, as well as the typical income of effectiveness for incense and lures during the event. Pokémon GO will also provide all players 30 Ultra Balls free, while a package containing 50 ultra Balls, five super incubators, five Lucky Eggs and a Fast TM elite will be available by 1.280 Poke Coins.

This is the second announced Pokémon Go event announced by 2022, after the Pokemon Go Tour event: Photo. The Pokemon Go Tour: Photo event will take place on February 26, 2022 and will have the 100 Pokemon who debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver. In particular, the event will also include Shiny forms of the 100 Pokemon Photo, including almost 20 Pokemon whose shapes Shiny have not been included in the game so far.

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Pokémon GO is currently organizing your annual holiday event, which presents new Pokemon disguised, greater sweets and more bonuses. The event will also serve as the debut of Berg mite and Value, two new ice-type Pokemon.