The new overwatch 2 makes fun of divide fans

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Some new teasing about overwatch 2 and the future of the series has divided Blizzard game fans. According to a plethora of conversations in social networks, Blizzard recently celebrated a meeting with Supervision, providing such content creators with a look at the future of the series. By moving away from this meeting, many Supervision Content creators have been commenting and mocking that great things are coming Supervision amateur.

An example of this is an evil toaster, who went to Twitter and said that the future of the game looks good, although, of course, it is not explained why the future looks good.

«As a person with a too high price for Blizzard to pay me for saying the future of Supervision it looks good, believe me when I say that the future of overwatch looks good and there is a reason why people who hate the game all Days are suddenly changing tone, and it was not for money, said Evil Toaster. To be fair, my price is like a turkey sandwich, but not a single game developer has been able to fulfill that.

This provocation and others have many Supervision, excited fans. The update is not only positive, but it arrives after a difficult year for Supervision and fans of the game.

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I am cautiously optimistic after seeing everyone's tweets today, which is the best thing I have felt about overwatch in a long time, reads a response to Tweet. I'm looking forward to seeing what awaits us.

In another part of Twitter, SUPERVISION The content creator Your Overwatch shared a similar feeling, noting that they can not say much due to the confidentiality agreement they signed, but they are very happy. The positivity of the SUIT generated more positivity about the future of the series, but also generated some negative responses.

At this point, a group of creators tweeting how excited they are, after meeting with developers under a NDA does not mean anything for the community, not until we go something, he says. One of the best answers to the Tweet of Your Overwatch.

Echoing this feeling is popular Supervision YouTuber, Mr. Shell, pointing out that it is strange that Blizzard has decided to catch this information behind closed doors.

«Maybe it's a good idea, but I think it's very embarrassing that developers can not give us a public roadmap of what will happen next year, and instead get 'second-hand Opium' of the Streamers», said Shell. «Just because they convey the game and somehow deserve to know more than the rest of the base of players? 'Oh, heavens, Blizzard has disappointed me during the last 3-4 years, but my God, Smith Tooted on Supervision 2022 Crazy really changed my perspective ». As a brother, simply be made public.

Unfortunately, not only it is not clear what I should excite to overwatch fanatics, but it is not known when this information will be disclosed. It should be soon if the NDA are involved, but for now, this is only a supposition based on how the NDAs work together with the disclosure of information.

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