This spectacular PC inspired by Back 4 Blood has a unique style and all luxury details

If you have tried Back 4 Blood, you will know that the title of Turtle Rock is generally well moved and that your experience, although it continues to receive adjustments, is quite complete. But, how do you take full advantage of a game like this? We are a few better forms than with the new PC that Warner Bros has announced.

Back 4 Blood Hands-On Preview - The Spiritual Successor to Left 4 Dead

It is a computer that, like the one we saw Senior a couple of years ago, is completely customized on the occasion of the game of zombies. We talk about a special assignment to celebrate the launch in which the company has joined Xbox Spain and NVIDIA GeForce Spain to create this machine.

They have done it with Future, a Modding company where the artist Jose Antonio García has taken as reference the visceral and blood of Back 4 Blood as a reference to join them with a container structure that undoubtedly remembers the game experience. There is no lack of detail, with a decoration of PVC, silicone and methylate that has been painted by hand by María Ruíz, graphic artist.

The team also has a list of prepared components to play, including two custom Xbox controls with the game and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

About the game itself, it is worth remembering that the recent purchase of the Turtle Rock matrix will try to make it possible for Back 4 Blood to become a long-term franchise. At the moment, they will have to focus on the title that is currently in the market, criticized in its first weeks for the high difficulty that has already been adjusted on numerous occasions.

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