VfB Stuttgart | Why Kempf has not changed to Hertha BSC

The VfB Stuttgart, officially Vain Fur Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e. V., is a Kempfs club based in the area of Bad Constant in Stuttgart, Germany. Its Football section, whose very first group has actually fallen short only three seasons of Bundesliga since its inception, has been champ of Germany three times in 1984, 1992 and also 2007, having also won 2 championships prior to the introduction of the Bundesliga in 1950 as well as 1952.

In the current calendar year, Marc Oliver Kemp ft did not play a role in the relegation threatened VfB Stuttgart. The Swabia want to take a change with the non-consideration of the defender nor in this January — Bertha BSC is considered the most likely transfer destination. But this is probably nothing more.

The signs between the CFB and its former defense chief have been on farewell after club and player could not agree on a contract extension.

Despite the Kempfy descent of last only one point and zero goals from four games, it was no option for head coach Pelegrín Matarazzo, which had to access Kemp, which had to be twelve season games to beech until December. On the contrary: In the last home game against RB Leipzig (0: 2) the 26-year-old was not even more in the squad.

With the next stage of degradation, the pressure on the player should be increased again, but still giving a change to another club in January.


Limaçon competitor Bertha BSC should continue to be in the pole position. According to a picture report, a change in this winter has become very unlikely contrary to a small transfer.

The prerequisite would be that Heathens would give another defender, the Kemp then might replace cork in the squad of head coach Taken cork. But that's not at all in view.

VfB Stuttgart: Kemp debt dropped to one million euros

The VfB Stuttgart wants to get rid of Kemp, especially for financial reasons. For a bank pressure and tribune guest, the central defender with over two million euros annual salary simply is too expensive.

The payment amount due for the former team captain would only be one million euros, marriage Kemp in summer would change anyway free transfer.

If the personnel has not yet been clarified until the transfer deadline on January 31, Kemp would face the last half of the year in the club to fight the return to CFB starting formation. To what extent the defensive man after recent degradation would then be sacrificed in the hard Bundesliga relegation battle for the Swabia, remains to be seen.

Kemp has been a contract since 2018 at the VfB Stuttgart and since the over 80 championship games in the first and second league for the club.