Nexon, PC Online Action Battle Games 'Curs Pel' Domestic Formal Release

[Data provided: Nexon]


NEXON is Making Serious Moves... **

\ - Provide powerful action with various skill combo using two Karma (weapon)

Conduct various events such as game connection, character creation, and quest until March 17

** \ - COGO \ 규 규 \ \ \ \ \ 것 "것 것 것 것 것 것

Nexon has released a PC Online Action Battle Game in Korea today (15th).

is a battle action game developed by Cogs, using two Karma (weapons) of the battle, and experience powerful action with a variety of skill combo.

Nexon has also released cinematic images with formal launch. Cinematts contain two battles, and you can appreciate the action of changing "Karma" in the battlefield.

We also conduct a variety of events commemorating the launch by March 17. Provides rich items on daily connections, and presents the '1 bundle of dye cubes' to all users who created the character.

Connect to the game from 9 pm on the 19th to pay 'Nexon Cache (10,000 won)' on a first-come, first-served basis for a certain time access. In addition, the 'New Chaser Guide', 'Battle Tickets' from the' Daily Quest ', can be used as a "Battle Ticket" to the Nexon Cache Luck Box' and the 'Gaming PC', and the 'Latest Smartphone', etc. can be applied.

When you play a game with a "Battle / Monster" content, "Battle / Monster" content, "Karma", you will be aware of the "Nexon Cache (Up to 100,000 won) 'NEW Meta - Certified' Events also proceed.

The Cogyu Lunar Director said, "You can experience a powerful action through the fun elements of the only, such as" Dual Karma Systems "and colorful skill directing." I will do it. "

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