Diablo 3: Season 26 brings "Echoing Nightmares" as a new endgame

The developers of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls recently presented an official blog post to Season 26. In addition to some class changes and new maps for RIFTs, the season theme Echoing Nightmare was presented. Unlike the past seasons, not a feature will be implemented, which affects the existing content of the game, but it will be added a very new endgame feature!

Similar to the beginning of Reaper of Souls, you play in a kind Nephalem Trials against hordes to opponents, which inevitably overhear you at some point. Your goal in this new endgame mode is to be able to hold you as long as possible. The new content of Season 26 you can test from 10 March 2022 , then the PTR goes online.

Table of contents

  1. 1SO the new mode Echoing Nightmare
  2. 2 changes for large nephalemportals
  3. 3class changes in season 26 from Diablo 3

How to work the new mode echoing nightmare

After winning a boss in the large nephalem portal, you will receive a new item called Petrified Scream. This packs her in Kanais cubes and thus opens a portal in the echoing nightmare. Here you fight against endless waves on opponents who forcibly override you sometime. It's enough in the group if one of the players opens the level.

What do I get out of the Echoing Nightmare Level? For the conclusion of a echoing nightmare, your experience points, legendary objects, blood spltits, gems and a new legendary gem will receive. The special thing about this Gem is that you can improve old legendarys. Which items are meant is not known yet.

Changes for large nephalemportals

  • You can now close an active big nephalemportal while it is still active by talking in the city with OREK. Only possible in single player mode.
  • There is more variance in the type of monster groups.
  • The percentage progress for the victory over some monster species has been adjusted.
  • Three new cards have been added: Fields of Misery, Desolate Sands and Briarthorn Cemetery. Two old cards were removed: Sewers of Caldum and Hidden Aqueducts.
  • The rotation of the maps has been adjusted.

Class changes in season 26 from Diablo 3


  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies Hit by Your Cyclone Strike Take 150% -200% More Damage From Your Mystic Ally for 5 Seconds.


  • Thorns of the Invoker: The Attack Speed ​​of Punish and Slash Are InCreased by 100% and Deal 67,500% of your Thorns Damage.
  • Norvald's Fervor: Gain 200% Increased Damage While Using Steed Charge and for 5 Seconds After It Ends.

Diablo 3 Season 26 Patch Notes Analysis, New Game Mode, Best Patch Ever? 2.7.3


  • Legacy of Raekor (4-piece bonus): Furious Charge Gains The Effect of Every Rune and Deals 1000% Increased Damage. For Every 1% Life You Are Missing, The Damage of Your Ancient Spear Is Increased by 2%.
  • Legacy of Raekor (6-piece bonus): Hitting Enemies with Furious Charge Increases The Damage of Your Next Ancient Spear by 5500% and Causes It to Release Multiple Spears from Its Target. THIS EFFECT STACKS AND IS CONSUMED FROM EACH Released Spear. This Can Only Consume A Maximum of 5 Stacks AT A Time.
  • ARREAT'S LAW: Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear Deal 150-200% Increased Damage.
    • Weapon Throw Generates Up to 25 Additional Fury Based On the Distance Of The Enemy Hit.
    • Ancient Spear Refunds Up to 25 Fury Based on the Distance of the Enemy Hit.
  • The Three Hundredth Spear: Increase the Damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 150-200%.
  • Skular's Salvation: Increase the Damage of Ancient Spear by 150-200%. IF Your Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss Hits 5 or Fever Enemies, The Damage is Increased by 100%.

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