The digital minister in Ukraine asks Sony and Microsoft to block Russian accounts

If many studios have posted their moral and financial support to the Ukrainian people, whose country is the subject of a military invasion by the forces of Vladimir Putin for a week, the holders of the large platforms that are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo remain Particularly discreet on current events in Eastern Europe. A lack of reaction that is not the taste of Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, whose message addressed to the entire video game industry is no longer clear.

Latest from Ukraine: Russia's attack on Kiyv continues "You are obviously aware of what is currently happening in Ukraine. Russia has not only declared the war in Ukraine but to the entire civilized world. If you support the human values, You have to leave the Russian market! ", published Mykhailo Fedorov on his Twitter account by calling more specifically PLAYSTATION and XBOX. The minister also arrested Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Gameloft or Wargaming asking them to close their studios and offices in Russia.

More generally, the minister in charge of digital has signed a letter for all video game and electronic sport players. "We need your help. In 2022, modern technology may be the best response to tanks, rocket launchers and missiles. I'm sure not only will you hear but will also do your best to protect Ukraine., Europe and the whole free world of authoritarian bloody aggressions, and I call the temporary blockage of all Russian and Belarus accounts, to the temporary interruption of the participation of Russian and Belarus teams at Events than the cancellation of the competitions taking place on the Russian terriroires and Belarusse_ ", can we read.

Minister Fedorov hopes that platform holders like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will follow the Apple Road, which has interrupted all the sales of its products in Russia and withdrawn the Russian media RT News and Sputnik News from his app Store. Mykhailo Fedorov would, however, like Tim Cook does not stop in so good path and suspends the entire App Store in Russia. Neighboring video game, the cinema industry also took a position since Disney, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Announced the suspension of their programs programmed in Russia, which includes movies like redalerte, the batman and Morbius. The Minister's request for Esport competitions evoke the many sanctions made by global sports bodies, starting with Russia's outline of the next World Football.

If no message has been published by PlayStation on News in Ukraine, note that Sony Group Corporation has announced a donation of $ 2 million to humanitarian associations to contribute to helping people affected by the Ukraine war. In addition, the various subsidiaries of the Sony Group around the world will collect donations from their employees and will align with the amounts collected.