How to reach the level of Pro in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is a continuation of the hit of WII Sports released at WII in 2006. It has many familiar sports games and several new ones, but there is another new function. This is an online multiplayer in which there is a rating system with Pro level. This may make you think about how to achieve the Pro level in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to unlock a professional league in Nintendo Switch Sports

To unlock the professional league in the Nintendo Switch Sports, you need to play the sport online ten times. This will unlock this only for this particular sport, which means that you will need to play every sport online ten times to unlock Pro League for all sports in Nintendo Switch Sports.

All ranks in Nintendo Switch Sports

The rating system in the Nintendo Switch Sports varies from E to A, while some ranks also have - + ranks. Here are all ranks in the Nintendo Switch Sports .

  • E
  • E+
  • D-
  • D
  • D+
  • WITH-

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