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With Nintendo Switch Sports, players can change their equipment in different ways. By accessing the adaptation menu, players can select what they want to wear from the currently activated objects. This goes beyond outfits and accessories, since brand new equipment will be available over time. Anyone who is interested in fully adapting their characters in Nintendo Switch Sports should remember all types of equipment and keep an eye on everything they have not yet received.

All equipment types in Nintendo Switch Sports

There are two main types of objects in the game that you can equip. Outfits and accessories change the appearance of your character, while equipment changes the appearance of sporting goods. There are four categories for outfits & accessories while equipment has six - one for every sport. These are the categories for outfits & accessories:

clothing * - objects that cover your avatar's body. This is the only category of outfits & accessories that is available to anyone who plays as Mii. Hats - objects that cover the head of your avatars. glasses - objects that cover the eyes of their avatar. * masks - objects that cover the mouth of your avatar.

Some of these categories cover articles that you may not expect. You can find earrings in the masks category, for example. If more articles are gradually available, these categories may be filled with more unique accessories. It is difficult to say whether this also applies to equipment, since only certain types of objects are currently available for players to try it out. These are the categories for equipment:

Volleyball * - Alternative skins for volleyball. badminton * - alternative skins for badminton rackets.

bowling * - alternative skins for the bowling ball. Football football - alternative effects for achieving a goal. Chambara - Alternative skins for the sword. * Tennis - Alternative skins for the tennis racket.

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In addition to hairstyles, face details and eye colors, you can also change stamps as soon as more are available. It is possible that completely new body types will be available later, since the "body" option opens a completely new menu in the character creation. There is a lot of potential for future updates to add new content in Nintendo Switch Sports, which gives players more than just a few reasons to strive for the professionals!

Nintendo Switch Sport is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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