The Nintendo Switch Sports game is now available

Nintendo will make amateurs move today with the release of the Nintendo Switch Sports game.

_Dans Nintendo Switch Sports, you can shoot, strike, smasher and launch to win! With a variety of multiplayer options, you can play with your family and friends on the same console or online. Play online and face opponents nearby or remotely, and try to join the Pro League in all the sports. With soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and chambara (a saber game), move and put yourself directly in the game using the Joy-Con controlle. In addition, a seventh sport is planned in a free update this fall, so get ready to Golfer! ** _

How To Unlock Customizations In Nintendo Switch Sports! - Nintendo Switch Sports Customization Guide

Nintendo Switch Sports is designed for all players, so you don't have to be a sports mega to appreciate it.

The downloadable version of Nintendo Switch Sports is offered now in Nintendo Eshop on Nintendo Switch, in the My Nintendo Store store, and in some retailers for $ 49.99 (legs of leg strap sold separately). The wrapped version of Nintendo Switch Sports which includes the leg strap accessory is offered at the suggested retail price of $ 64.99. The leg strap of the Ring Fit Adventure game is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Sports game. The leg strap access can also be purchased separately at the suggested retail price of $ 14.99.

So here is the title launch trailer without further delay: