Efootball 2022, Patch 1.1.0 now available; Improvements, corrections ...

Konami publishes the expected Patch 1.1.0 of Efootball 2022 . The Japanese editor prepares for seplayerson 2 with a battery of corrections at all levels. The update, already available for download, coincides with the breakage of maintenance servers.

Among the novelties we can find several improvements in the players' response when performing certain actions, something that the players had sued in recent weeks. They also stop some situations that caused moments of excessive weakness in defense. We refer to when a team takes center; Many goal situations were so.

Next, we leave you with the highlights. You can check the complete notes from within the game. For its part, seplayerson 2 will begin on June 14.

Patch 1.1.0 in Efootball 2022: The highlight

  • Added tactics lists in the ideal equipment mode: Now you can save up to a maximum of 10 at the same time.
  • Add the ‘suggestion’ option in the player's progression.
  • Add and updated the information of the teams, players and coaches.
  • Improved response of cursor changes.

ОБЗОР eFootball 2022 ВЕРСИИ 1.1.0 — ЧТО НОВОГО? * Corrected a problem in which the super canceled failed when canceling the reyd action before launching a direct free. * Improved the response of the dribbles. * Implement adjustments that allow the correct body position to be adopted in accordance with the ball when the left stick releplayerses. * Implementation improvements so that players can make touches more appropriate for air pplayersses that come behind them. * Make adjustments in the game styles ‘possession’ and ‘by the bands’. The changes correct the position of the ends and midfielders thrown into the band on the opposite flank when the ball is on the rival side. * Make adjustments in the positioning of defenders in all game styles. It seeks to mitigate the frequency in which the rival team marks just after removing center without losing possession. * Corrected an error that made the goalkeepers sometimes correct to their goal when they had the ball in their hands. * Corrected an error in which the goalkeepers could be placed too close to the short stick. * Implemented adjustments in the decision algorithm of the faults within the area, which were too frequent. * Implement adjustments in the decision algorithm of the fouls when the player's foot makes contact with the opponent when making a pplayerss while sliding.