Eintracht Frankfurt: caught! Glasner celebrates Europa-League

Caught! The party marathon after Eintracht's sensational Europa League victory apparently led Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner back to Spain: Twitter are circulating pictures that are supposed to show the Austrian in Mallorca.

One thing in front: So far we have not been able to clearly verify that Eintracht trainer Glasner can be seen in the pictures. But we are damn sure. Because even details like the wedding ring suggest that the man in the picture is actually the Austrian.

One of the photos shows Glasner in the infamous party location beer king. In the picture he comes across with a tank. However, it is not a beer, but the appearance of water. Well, you just need a break. The Eintracht party, that is safe, is far from over after the Sevilla sensation success.

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In addition to photos, videos are also circulating online. One shows Glasner in a singing amount of Eintracht fans. "Oliver Glasner really goes off on Malle," says the clip.

"You can tell me what you want, but he is the hottest coach ever!" The fans, they love their success coach. The Frankfurt football world floats collectively in the seventh heaven!

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