The Quarry Map - a summary of Hackett's Quarry

Below you can see the complete summary The map of the quarry that you can utilize prior to you begin playing or playing.

The Map of The Quarry is just one of the largest that Supermassive has ever before incorporated into one of her horror video games. There are 15 various explorable areas to go to in the quarry itself. A few of them concentrate on the main facilities of the camp, while others exist on the side of the quarry, such as the island and also the initial excavation website of the quarry.

Prior to you begin exploring, it is an excellent suggestion to familiarize on your own with each of the offered areas in The Quarry so that you can prepare to what locations you desire to return to the phase choice later. The menu that reveals the card additionally shows which people are at each of the locations so that you can obtain a better photo of where every person is.


review of the quarry card

The first two acts of the game mainly concentrate on the northern and eastern components of the map, while the game is slowly expanding south. Then act 3 occurs nearly solely in the western part of the map.

Further info on the game, consisting of a review of The Quarry's size, to ensure that you know how much time you will need to make it through the game and also see all these areas of the map, you will find our various other ideas for the game.

The quarry card can be seen below, which show some essential locations such as the boathouse and also the island in the south and also the lodge in the center of the map .

In the north are the storage facility huts and the radio tower, the lodge in the eastern. Several of the later sections of the game, such as the excavation site as well as the main home, can be seen in the far west. The scrap factor, which is an extremely late backyard, can not be seen in the bird's eye view of the map, as it is up until now eastern of the primary lodge and the huts.