The Sandbox and CEO Lee Seung -hee

Data provided-The Sandbox

Korea announced on the 13th that Korea has appointed Lee Seung-hee, the new CEO, Lee Seung-hee.

Lee Seung-hee has accumulated capabilities in the game and blockchain industry for the past 18 years. He started with Neowiz's overseas business manager, leading the marketing team of NCsoft's Blade & Soul Business Team and Enpixel's Grand Saga, and led the business development of Smilegate and W. Games. In addition, he has served as CEO of the Blockchain Digital Content Platform Platform Bora (BORA) of Wei-Toubit, a subsidiary of Kakao Games.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea, said, Korea is a high-speed Internet infrastructure, a variety of content such as music, dramas, movies, and games with global competitiveness, high-quality IT services and technologies, and user-friendly user tendencies for methus services We will do our best to ensure that the sandbox can lead the meta bus industry based on the strengths of the Korean market and the know-how accumulated in the game industry.


Meanwhile, The Sandbox is expanding its meta bus business through aggressive partnerships with famous domestic IPs such as SM brand marketing, cube entertainment, Zepeto, studio dragon, Pororo, K-League, Todak Toko, Shift-up, and Skull & Kunta. I'm going out.