Your Warzone progression and also your skins are not moved to Warzone 2

While Modern Warfare 2 is presently the game in the limelight, this has not prevented this considerable amount of warzone 2-notes slipping via the network. Considering That the Fight Royale will certainly be developed on the exact same engine as MW2, it will probably share the brand-new movement mechanics and the new Gunsmith system, yet this still has to be officially validated by Activision.


Since this subject has been attended to a number of times since Warzone 2's initial statement, the players seemed to be a little split. Some acknowledge that Warzone 2, to ensure that it comes to be a new and improved experience with this shiny new engine, have to be left behind the old advantages of the initial Warz1. Others, on the other hand, think that cosmetics for which they have paid off ought to not simply be surrendered, yet must be identified by taking over in the brand-new title.

The players have lengthy asked yourself whether their collection of cosmetics and their development in the current Warzone video game will certainly be taken over or whether the brand-new video game will be a clean vest. Well, it appears that it will certainly be the last.

Warzone 2's magazine day was finally verified for 2022 (yet not directly beside Modern Warfare 2 in October), and also a burning concern about the Battle Royale Sequel was finally answered.

It also shares an explanation that it has obtained from Activision and which is: In order to complete this advanced experience, Warzone 2.0 New Modern Warfare 2 web content and systems with brand new progress and supplies are included. Today's Warzone is proceeded as a separate experience, which consists of an extension of the player progress as well as supplies within this warzone experience.

While you can presently use all web content that you have made in the last 3 Call of Obligation titles (Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops Cold War as well as Vanguard) in Warz1. You can still access it and have fun with you in the existing video game, but it will certainly be a new start for Warzone 2.