How to defeat the goblin in the cult of the lamb

In the role of the lamb, the one who is waiting, instructs you to defeat the bishops of the old faith and free this ancient God. This is a difficult task, since each bishop has many followers with whom you must go first. But as soon as you get to one of them, including the goblin, you will have to face them in battle. This may make you think about how to defeat the goblin in the cult of the lamb.

Hyde Leshny Boss-the cult of the lamb

Cult Goblin is the first bishop of the old faith that you will encounter, and its difficulty is higher compared to other bosses with which you have already fought. Lesha has several moves and can crush you if you are not careful. Here's how to defeat the goblin in the cult of the lamb.

In addition to various attacks, the goblin also causes enemies throughout the battle. You want to win them and suppress them, otherwise you can quickly get into the environment. They are also a good source fervor . Watch for any enemies, dodging or moving along the arena.

Many attacks of the goblin are close to his own body. You want to fly and jump out between these attacks to cause damage. Goblin can create spikes in different directions and generate shock waves around itself. So do not be greedy, otherwise you can fall under one of his attacks.

The goblin can also shoot shells and jump into the air, clapping down, so that it is not too comfortable at a distance. You will need to constantly move so as not to fall into a trap or fall under one of the attacks of the goblin. Take your time and hit this boss when the opportunity is presented.

Who is the goblin in the Cult of the Lamb?

Goblin is a bishop of old faith and rules the forest of darkness. While the weakest and lowest of the bishops, the goblin commands many followers and tries to prevent you from freeing the one who is waiting. Lesha has a natural theme mixed with some demonic elements, especially when you fight him.

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