All the rewards of the battle pass of season 4 of chapter 3 of Fortnite

A new fortnite season means a completely new and incredible battle pass. We review the 10 pages, and we are ready to show you everything you can win in the new battle pass of season 4 of Chapter 3! Without further ado, then you will find all the rewards of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

All the rewards of the battle pass for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

As with each battle pass, there are 100 elements to unlock. All articles cost between three and nine stars and get five stars every time you up level. There are 1500 V-Bucks available, which means you will get enough to buy the battle pass next season, and you will still have 550 to spend in the articles store.

Page 1

  • 100 V Bucks
  • Uncommon Emoticon of the Hero's Heart
  • Legendary Lunar Hyperjet backpack
  • Paradigm unusual banner icon
  • Paradigm (reality-659) Legendary suit (this is automatically unlocked when you buy the battle pass)
  • Steel rare of paratrooidism
  • Paradigm's rare ascension screen
  • Power within unusual spray
  • Rare collection tool of the lunar defender

Page 2

  • Bucks of 200 V
  • Always watching the rare load screen
  • Uncommon wrapping marked with chrome
  • Banner icon uncommon from anarchy
  • Chromstruck Fire Epic Standard
  • Epic outfit of bytes
  • Stinger Pack Pick Along
  • Nothing is inevitable rare music track
  • The epic collection tool of Nothing’s Gift (should unlock all other elements on page 2)

Page 3

  • Bucks of 200 V
  • Unctuous crazy mask spray
  • Lunar Sky span Epic Planner
  • Paradigm (Combat suit) Legendary style (you must unlock all other elements on page 3)
  • Load screen The burn bus
  • Chrome Conjurer Epic Built-in-Emote For Bytes (requires having unlocked outfit)
  • Bytes (horse tails) Epic style (requires having unlocked bytes outfit))
  • Uncommon emoticon of Nothing’s Up
  • Epic style of bytes (Wanderer) (requires having unlocked bytes attire)

Page 4

  • 100 V Bucks
  • Steal Rare of Bear Claws
  • Game Over Unctuous Load Screen
  • Banner's unusual bang icon
  • Lil Grriz's ballad Rare Music Track
  • Epic style of bytes (lonely traveler) (requires having unlocked bytes outfit))
  • Grain Grin's unusual emoticon
  • Hot Sip Globe Epic Planner
  • Grain epic suit (you must unlock all other elements on page 4)

Page 5

  • 100 V Bucks
  • Arras! Uncommon emoticon
  • Comfy Cats Uncommon Planning
  • IAU Calaveras unusual banner icon
  • Small Fry Surprise loading rare
  • Sardinia! Epic rear bling
  • Wishbone Player Rare Harvest tool
  • Uncommon emoticon focused with laser
  • Epic outfit of Meow Skulls (you must unlock all other elements on page 5)

Page 6

  • Bucks of 200 V
  • Load screen Welcome to Paradise Uncommon
  • Rose Light Daggers Rare Harvest Tool
  • Bun Bang Bang Pick Block
  • Hop Drop Estela Rare
  • Unctuous vinyl spinal envelope
  • Pick me up Epic Emoticon Integrated for Grain
  • Fuzzy Gun's unusual spray
  • Epic outfit of Lennox Rose (you must unlock all other elements on page 6)

Page 7


  • 100 V Bucks
  • Banner icon uncommon peaks
  • Uncombed unusual wrapping
  • What do you say?! Uncommon emoticon
  • Parlor Magnorepulor Board
  • Bun Blast Uncommon Spray
  • My God, I love unusual emoticon
  • Paradigm legendary styles (lunar base battle suit, safety protocol, complete reading and focused fire)
  • Lennox Rose (Fresh Vandal) Rare style (requires having the outfit of Lennox Rose unlocked and unlocking all other elements on page 7)

Page 8

  • Bucks of 200 V
  • Guau-Guauuu! Uncommon spray
  • Legendary Back Bling Lecture Package
  • Union common mew-foot load screen
  • Electrostatic impactor epic collection tool
  • Rare music track call it bad luck
  • Meow Skulls (Cloud Nine) Epic style (requires having the unlocked Meow Skulls outfit)
  • Rare Poly synth Kite Planner
  • Legendary Twin suit (you must unlock all other elements on page 8)

Page 9

  • Bucks of 200 V
  • Twin unusual banner icon
  • Marvel series control of portal particles
  • Uncommon emoticon on
  • Rare Electron Tech wrap
  • Reload and voilà! Uncommon spray
  • Incing Twin/Stryker load screen
  • Paradigm (oceanic camouflage, without a helmet) Legendary styles (requires that a certain amount of battle pass elements be unlocked before this element can be unlocked)
  • Emoticon incorporated legendary digitized for Twin (requires having twee

Page 10

  • 100 V Bucks
  • Spider Snare Marvel Series Harvest tool
  • Spider-Gwen Marvel Series banner icon
  • Emoticon of the Good Game Gwen Marvel series
  • Meanwhile... Marvel Series Block Bling
  • Emoticon of the Marvel Series of Aracrobacies
  • Gwen Spider chute Marvel Series Planner
  • Aerosol from the Middle Swing Marvel series
  • Load screen of the web of life marvel
  • Spider-Gwen Marvel Series suit (you must unlock all other elements on page 10)

That is All the rewards of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. If you are looking to maximize your early battle pass levels, we have guides on all the challenges of week 0, week 1 and week 2.

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