Can you deactivate the cross game at Modern Warfare 2? Answered

The huge player of Call of Duty Barça PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and multiplatform functionality guarantees that you can play with your friends regardless of what platform they are located. But sometimes he prefers to limit a server only to those on the same platform as his; Unfortunately, that is not as easy as it should be in the last game. Here is If you can disable the cross game in Modern Warfare 2.

Disable the cross game in Modern Warfare 2

Yes, you can deactivate the cross game in Modern Warfare 2, but strangely only in Xbox And playstation, and is much easier in the latter.

In PlayStation Modern Warfare 2 versions, it is obviously signposted in the game menu. Just go to Configuration> Account and network> Crossly activated/disabled

However, for some reason, that same cross play switch in the game is not there in Xbox and PC. However, do not fear, you can still deactivate the cross game by accessing the configuration of your system.

In Xbox you will have to access the Xbox Live privacy settings in the Xbox configuration tab:

Online and family security > Privacy and online safety > privacy of Xbox Live > See details and customize > Communication and multiplayer > Block/ Allow

Unfortunately, PC players do not have the ability to activate or disable cross game, which is absolutely strange and something we hope that Infinity Ward quickly solves.

For now, that is all to know about ** If you can deactivate the cross game in Modern Warfare 2. The related content detailed below.

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