Company of Heroes 3, February 23, 2023 delayed release

The latest work of the RTS series, Company of Heroes 3 ™, was delayed on February 23, 2023. Company of Heroes 3 was scheduled to be released on November 17, 2022, but relic entertainment, INC, to fully satisfy the player's expectations and to give the COM 3 more to provide the best tactical experience in the series. It was judged that time was needed.

Since its debut in July 2021, RELIC has invited players to Pre-development, a community platform designed to accommodate feedback on all areas of the game. Many valuable feedbacks have already been submitted, and many of them have been applied again. I would like to show you some of these features and improvements below.


• In addition to the newly introduced dynamic campaign map, drastic improvements such as supply system, aggressive AI implementation, and rapid movement through port and airport strengthening have been added.

• We focused on emphasizing visibility and detailed descriptions during battle by improving shader technology and fine adjustment. The overall lighting of COM 3 has made significant changes. • Improved momentary gameplay by changing the camera position and a clearer emphasis on minimal information. Improvement is also added to the overall theme of the HUD layout and the UI. • Based on the results of the player experiments through the multiplayer free alpha in November 2021, the company achieved dramatic improvements such as combat, promotion, troops, and calling skills. • Review and improve whether the ambassadors of each unit reflect the atmosphere of the game and the intonation of each country.

The cooperation with the Code community has been a valuable experience so far, said Relic Entertainment General Manager, Manager, Manager, Manager. We aimed to give you the best in depth, and we decided that more time was needed for bug modifications, balancing, and finishing providing fantastic experiences to players immediately.