How to get the Arch of the Hunter Camino in Genshin Impact - statistics, update materials and more

Genshin Impact version 3.0 was one of the most significant updates for the community, since it brought a large amount of new content to the new table. A remarkable addition, in particular, was the Hunter’s Path weapon. It is a 5-star arch that was certainly developed for the five-star character in Pedro, Nightmare. So, if you are wondering How to get the arc of the hunter's path Genshin Impact Then here is a complete guide for you.

How to get the goal of the hunter path in Genshin Impact

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The arch of the hunter road could be achieved through the banner desire for an epitome invocation weapon event during the Genshin Impact version 3.0 . The event desire ran August 24 to 9 and the weapon received a higher drop rate during that period of time.

Unfortunately, Hunter’s Path Bow is currently unattainable, and we don't know when it will be available again. Genshin Impact. Usually, Converse hosts weapons repositions with new updates; Therefore, we recommend players to wait until the Hunter’s Path Bow weapon has another execution.

Hunter’s Path Bow: Ascension statistics and materials

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The Hunter’s Path Bow weapon has the following statistics at its base level:

* attack - 44 CRT Rate *- 9.6% * At the end of the roads of the beasts: ** Win 12% elementary damage. Get the tireless hunting effect after hitting an enemy with a loaded attack, which increases the damage to your attack loaded by 160 % elementary mastery. It disappears after 12 loaded attacks or 10 seconds.

To improve weapon statistics, you will need the following ascension materials in Genshin Impact:

Ascent Level Means
0 to 1 1-20 More x10,000

All Echo of Labrador power x5 Inactivated fungal nucleus x5 faded red eaten x3 1 to 2 | 20-40 | More x20,000 Remaining glow of Labrador power x5 Inactivated fungal nucleus x18 faded red eaten x12 2 to 3 | 40-50 | More x30,000 Remaining glow of Labrador power x9 Latent fungal nucleus x9 Red Silk Stroked X9 3 to 4 | 50-60 | More x45,000 Dream with Labrador power x5 Latent fungal nucleus x18 Red Silk Cut x14 4 to 5 | 60-70 | More 55.000x Dream with Labrador power x9 robust fungal nucleus x14 Rico Red Brocade X9 5 to 6 | 70-80 | More x20,000 Old days of Labrador power x6 robust fungal nucleus x27 Rico Red Brocade x18 Total |-| More x225,000 Echo of Labrador power x5 Remaining glow of Labrador power x14 Dream with Labrador power x14 Old days of Labrador power x6 Inactivated fungal nucleus x23 Latent fungal nucleus x27 robust fungal nucleus x41 faded red eaten x15 Red Silk Cut x23 Rico Red Brocade x27

That is all you need to know about unlocking the arch of the hunter path in Genshin Impact . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other GENGHIS IMPACT-CONTENTIO RELATED HERE IN DLPRIVATOSERVER, which includes a summary of all Scarab locations, all banners of version 3.2, as well as a complete guide of the Golden Slumber mission.

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