LOL: The champion who only appeared twice in the Worlds but changed the history of the tournament

With as many unique characters as League of Legends has, it is normal for some of them to be forgotten. This is the case of Harbinger , which is not too attractive to the players of the qualifying games. There it is selected only in 1% of the cases. However, if we want to talk about his great failure as a champion, his scarce historical presence in the competitive is even more striking. Professionals ignore this character that has only appeared in about 70 games of the elite and summarizes his participation in the World Cups to a couple of appearances. However, this scarce trajectory has changed the history of tournaments.

The legendary Harbinger of G2 eSports that changed the history of the Worlds

The G2 eSports team in 2018 was not precisely the most powerful alignment in its history. In fact, he could not win the European competition in spring and had to settle for a sixth position in summer. Fortunately, at that time the world championships were still played to qualify for the World Cup and the team achieved the place in the Worlds defeating Splice and Schalke 04. However, they arrived at the tournament with a very low profile and the expectations were basically saving the honor of the region. Something they did more: candidates to stay out became semifinalists.


To a large extent, The good and the bad thing that happened to G2 eSports that year was because of Hernán and Wadi . They were not the best companions that Under, Janos and Perez (Caps was not yet) have had throughout their career, and although they were great players their future made it clear that not at the level of demand of the organization. However, after the disappointing G2 Esports season and their miraculous entrance in the World Cup happened something that made these two players cultures of the samurai fans. All because of a Heimerduering who decided to select in the first game of the 2018 Worlds groups phase.

Hernán chose the champion in the shooter position becoming the first player in the story that selected Harbinger in the final phase of a World . He had already shown it when he played his life to qualify for the World Cup, but playing against Splice was not the same as doing it against Africa Frees, who arrived at the championship as the second-best Korean team. Remember that we are talking about 2018, when South Korea came from winning the last five editions of the championship consecutively and was the most feared region on the planet.

Of course G2 Esports won a match in which Heimerduring and Hernán merge into a single being . The shooter managed to inflict 33% of his team's damage. An action that, together with the few precedents, resulted in the character being blocked in 87% of the total games played by the team in the World Cup. Moreover, he was only open on an additional occasion. He went against Flash Wolves and the player repeated stellar performance with his iconic character. Again without dying throughout the game, on that occasion it was its responsibility for 36% of the total damage to the team. If we compare it with his online rival (Betty, Mordekaiser) he made almost double.

If we talk about Harbinger as a champion who changed the story of the World League of Legends is not just because it was key for G2 ESports to pass from groups being the protagonist in two of the four victories they needed (one less and were out). If not because he conditioned the entire tournament. The numerous ban that the champion received allowed the team to systematically win the selection phases of champions and put Under in superiority in almost all the games. There was simply not a way in which the rivals could ban Harbinger without also delivering the best goal champions to those of Hernán.

One of the most obvious sample came in the quarterfinals in which G2 Esports faced RNG. One of the series with the most history for European fans in which Royal had to ban Harbinger in the five maps. Quieter than anyone, players could always secure a key champion. This situation, together with the selection of very safe champions in the lower lane (in three of the four victories they played Baum or Tam Bench) were a recipe to disable a UZI who was still considered the best shooter in the world .

In a season in which RNG arrived as a great favorite and had defeated Invictus Gaming on numerous occasions, the Chinese team maintained its curse in the World Cups. In the end, it was the Invictus Gaming players themselves who eliminated G2 eSports and Fanatic to win the 2018 Worlds. After the tournament, the Samurai Bot Lane left the team. However, there were Harlan's records. In 2018 he played 10 professional games with Harbinger, won all and accumulated 89 of DA . Since then, no player has succeeded with the character, who only reappeared in the 2019 Worlds... with a victory and three losses.