Multifier Military FPS WORLD WAR 3 Basic play free and open beta starts. Significantly improve and restart

On September 30, the developer THE farm 51 has started an open beta test for the multiplayer military FPS World War 3 . The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and is distributed for free basic play.

World War 3 is an online multiplayer military FPS depicting modern global conflicts. A map with a motif of real cities, such as Berlin Moscow Warsaw, Smolsequek Plural New, can be played with two game modes, a tactical military operation and team death match.

This work adopts a team cooperation type gameplay. In tactical military operations, we will fight 20 to 20 with the aim of securing points. On the other hand, in Team Deathwatch, both camps compete for kills 10 to 10. Customize loadouts with abundant weapons and equipment, and contribute to the team's victory while utilizing tanks, vehicles, drones, and various gadgets.

Early access distribution started in October 2018, and although it was very crowded at first, the number of players decreased due to technical problems. Later, the developer THE farm 51 has once stopped distribution of this work, adjusting balance, fixing bugs, and added content. And after several closed tests, it looks like this open beta test. In accordance with this, basic play was also provided.

One example of improvement of games is the Smolenkmap in tactical military operation mode. In the past, it was a town during the war, but it was said that the theme was changed to a military base, and it was completely recreated. It seems that new battle areas and cover points have been created, such as adding buildings, adjusting terrain, writing and improving vegetation.

In-game shops have been added with the basic play free. At the shop, you can purchase operators customized items, as well as blueprints that can access weapons, vehicles, operators, etc. before unlocking. There are two types of in-game currency required for purchase: a paid UNC and an SP that can be acquired through game play. It is emphasized that items connected to Pay-to-win do not sell.


With the start of this open beta test, this work started YEAR1. In the future, it will provide season content linked to the battle pass. Details of the first season content will be announced soon.

WORLD WAR 3 is being distributed for free for PC (Steam) for free. It is also distributed on the official website of this work. Until October 6, a launch bonus will be implemented to double the acquisition XP. At the moment, this work is not partially compatible with Japanese, and will be implemented in future updates.