Hogwarts Legacy: 4 things that will not be present in the game


The 45 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay oadcast this week has been rich in new information. Fans could see how the castle details were taken to the extreme, how they would be able to create their character and fight him, but above all how the game was. In addition to the exclusive images, the developers present during Live revealed some important details about the gameplay and in particular four things that will not be in the game.

You cannot change the character's appearance after

During the characters' creation session, we could see how players would be able to shape their avatar: face, eyes, hair, scars, glasses or even tone of voice. It's simple, but enough to create the desired character.

However, it does not seem possible to choose the height and weight, an absence that can be explained by the fact that the main character was entirely designed via movement capture (an actor uses sensors on his body and face and then everything is transcribed in-game).

But the greatest information here concerns the possibility of modifying your character later. Of course, we can change our hairstyle and hair color thanks to a Hogsmeade salon, or change our clothes, but for the rest (face, eyes, skin color, etc.), we will have to start over.

The House Cup

Presented at Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, many fans expected the famous House Cup to be available on Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, during the game session, we can see the famous hourglasses and the director of the game clearly announced that it was an Easter Egg.

Nevertheless, there is a contradiction, as one of the trophies for PS4 and PS5 concerns the win of the House Cup. That is, it is possible that it is present, i.e. naturally in the game, so that the house you choose will win.

Gob stones and Wizard Chess

Unlike the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game, the GEMSTONES (GobS tones) game will not be available at Legacy. Again, the director of the game indicates that several references will be made during the story and in particular during the Serbia Notes Side Quest that was stolen from it, but not as a playable mechanics. The same goes for wizard chess.

The game will not be based on real time

Although it may seem logical that the day/night cycle goes faster than IRL, we can still expect stations (and therefore seasonal events like Natal or Halloween) occur while in real life. It seems that this is not the case. Developers say that while players will be free to explore Hogwarts and their surroundings whenever they want, it is progress in the main story that will advance in time (days/months).