Hwang Bo -hee, Senator e -Sports, Jongju State, don't lose it to 'Oil Money'

Korea's esports of e-sports is threatened by 'Oil Money' by Saudi Arabia. It is pointed out that government support is needed to prevent the international organization of e-sports in Korea to prevent it from being transferred abroad.

On the 7th, the National Assembly's Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee is examining the budget for the next year for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Representative Hwang Bother (Susan Jungle Leonardo) urged the government to support the government's international e-sports' federation.

The International E-Sports Federation (ESF) is an international e-sports organization established by a total of nine countries. Founded in Seoul in 2008 and is currently in Susan. There are more than 130 members. ESF main tasks include guaranteeing players, standardizing global e-sports, and training experts.

Korea supports the ESF of 360 million won and 400 million won in Susan every year. Representative Hwang Bother said that Singapore established a similar group in 2019 to support 5 billion won every year, and that Saudi Arabia recently combined the ESF and Singapore organizations, and tried to move the combined federation to saudi Arabia.

According to Hwang Bother, the prince of Saudi Arabia moved to the ESF and joined the Singapore organization.

Representative Hwang Bother said, I think Saudi Arabia has a lot of money, but Korea is very strong in esports, and the International Federation has made it first, so I hope the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will support more attention and budget.

Park Boleyn said, I met with e-sports industry officials and heard the same anxiety.