Improvements of the Draupnir God of War Ragnarok spear: Where to find all the flames of the wind?

While the Leviathan Ax and Chaos blades need to be updated from the beginning, the Draper spear is already part of level 5! This is because the gun arrives in God of War Ragnarök much later in history, thus making it easier to achieve the maximum level of improvement.

To reach Level 9 of the Draper Spear it is necessary to collect the so-called Wind fish Item. There are four on the map, but three of them are in optional areas and only one is achieved following the main plot.

In this guide, we show the location of all the flames of the wind needed to improve the Draper spear to the fullest.


Each improvement causes her to gain luck, and strengthen base damage. Upgrades also release new scams on the skill tree that can be purchased using XP.

A remarkable bonus is the evolution of the appearance of the spear. It will seem increasingly robust and golden, just as rune marks will appear in it when you approach level 9.

The price of spear updates is fixed, you need a single wind flame each time and then go to a blacksmith.

Location of the flames of the wind

We will start with the flame of the wind achieved by the story mode, and we will quote the other three later. There is no necessary order, so you can pick them up when you prefer.


Flame of the Vent any 1/4: Kill the Twin Valkyrie in Müllheim. This main mission is given at the end of the game, so it may be a good idea to start with the other flames first. It is not a legible, as it is not possible to continue the story without defeating the Valkyrie.

Flame of Estonia 2/4: You need to access the crater, north of Anaheim. This area is available after saving Fear and following the dog. Once in the new region, complete the secondary mission to imprison the flashes (they appear only at night). After arresting the flashes, defeat the igneous appearance to get a flame of the wind.

Flame of the 3/4 Vent any: For this, it is necessary to capture 6 landwards to Rotator. Go talk to Yggdrasil's caretaker outside Sindhi's house after defeating Nichols. This mission is too long to complete and only really starts after getting the forja draper spear. Each windward captured on the cracks gives a spark of the wind. By adding six, they form a flame of the wind.

  • Svalfheim-A forge: The first is found shortly after using the Draper spear wall ackets for the first time. After popping the stone, just look right to see the slit. It is necessary to launch Draper from the bottom first. You can also return to the area then if you have forgotten or do not have the appropriate item to capture Windward.
  • Svalfheim-Praia do Dragon: On the way to the left of Thor's statue.
  • Svartalfheim-Isle Alberio: Enter the beach to the Northeast, then use the spear to access the heights of the area, which will allow you to reach the small opposite island.
  • Svalfheim-The Apple Core: From the entrance of the kingdom, return to the boat used to rescue Try in order to reach the exit of the mine. Make the opposite way when you fled from the mines until you find the mystical portal called Apple Core.
  • Vanaheim-Plains of the West: At night, a passage will be open in the initial area of the crater. Follow it and then take the right to pass a tight area. The slit will be at the bottom of the area where a dragon appears.
  • Anaheim them plains: go north of the area to find the portal next to the fade. Windward's slot will be on the bank of the river.

Flame of the Estonia 4/4: To get this flame of the wind it is necessary to defeat two Berserkers in the open mines of Jasmina, in Waldheim, in the long area before entering the apple crumb. The fight against Boar, the fierce and Starter, the threatening is one of the most difficult in the game. Then come the most upheld you give to this battle. After defeating the enemies, you will get a flame of the wind.