It Takes 2: New Game The programmers will be something really damn cool

Haze light Studios, the Swedish developer, from whose pen prominent title such as it Takes 2 or an Escape come, his new game is now extremely certain.

Studio Head Josef Fares told VGC that his group would certainly make great progress. He alerts of liveliness in the same breath, because there is still a lot more to do.

New game of the IT Takes Two maker becomes something damn cool

A somewhat a lot more concrete announcement may also be just about, because in a few days Fares will certainly be found at this year's Video game Honors 2022 to solemnly offer the Game of the Year Honor. Nevertheless, it doubts whether the Haze light Studios will certainly likewise mention their next titles. Fares is considered especially energized and also open in the sector, which is why the anticipation does not seem completely ridiculous.

In spite of this, Fares can only keep back a little. He explains that the new title of IT Takes Two makers would certainly most definitely enter the right direction. Furthermore, he guarantees fans of the studio that it would be something truly damn cool. Whatever the video game will be, according to him, it ought to be a surprise greatly that ought to essentially knock us around.

It In November, the title, along with various other exciting video games, will certainly appear for the Nintendo Switch. And also a film application of IT Takes 2 seems to be only a matter of time.

After the programmers have currently collaborated with Star breeze as well as 505 video games in the past, Electronic Arts recently took control of the posting contracts for A Method Out as well as IT Takes 2. The last is still the best business and also slammed success of the Haze light Studios, which is reflected in its over 7 million units offered.

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He discusses that the brand-new title of IT Takes 2 makers would certainly most definitely go in the best direction. Whatever the game will be, according to him, it needs to be a shock in a good method that ought to actually knock us around.

A rather much more concrete news may also be simply about, because in a few days Fares will certainly be located at this year's Game Honors 2022 to solemnly present the Game of the Year Award.