LOL: The new jungle mechanics that has pissed off the community and goes against the Riot Games plan

League of Legends has undergone a lot of changes on the occasion of the introduction of the 2023 preseason and most of them focus on a single position. The jungle has been transformed, becoming a much friendlier place for players who have just started and eliminating some tricks most used by true experts in this role. There was a lot of controversy with all changes, although the community ended up accepting most of them and trusting Riot Games promises. At least, that was the case until the players were surprised after reading the notes of patch 12.22.


A new mechanics in the jungle pissed the community

While all players ended up accepting that several camps could no longer be cleaned simultaneously due to the design debt generated in the champions or that recommendations were introduced, the surprise adjustments of the 2023 preseason has not been well received. This is what Riot Games has called marked to die. This causes the small monsters of the camps to be marked when we end their leader, disappearing after having spent 10 seconds out of combat. For example, if we end the health of the big wolf, the little ones will die shortly, although we have not hit them.

The introduction of this mechanics will prevent the jungles from leaving a single small subject to increase the efficiency of their invasion strategies. This was done for the camp to take longer to appear again, since the ‘Respawn’ counter did not start until absolutely all the monsters had been eliminated. In this way, if we could only go once or twice the area of the rival map, it was possible to have a much more noticeable effect on its obtaining gold and experience. It was not the most common, but a play that could have a relatively notable influence on League of Legends games.

Riot Games had promised that, although he would make the jungle more accessible, he would not make it easier and look for ways in which the most experienced players could express their ability. However, the introduction of this brand seems to go against the purposes of the developer. Although known as ‘Contrapuntal’ can be somewhat frustrating, the truth is that it is one of the riskiest plays that can be carried out in this position. An error against a well coordinated team can cost us the game. In this sense, now the prize will be even less and that does not fit the marked intention for the future of League of Legends. High risk with little reward is a horrible mechanic.

Having made so many changes in a position that is very difference that has suffered the most changes in the history of League of Legends, the truth is that Riot Games could have saved this adjustment. From the company they knew that the community was not going to like anything, and it does not seem that there are reasons of true weight to carry it out. The counterjungla strategy and the detail of leaving a single subject in the camps is more common in the highest ranges of the game, where players do not need or want additional protection when they have a bad game.

Everything is said, the adjustments introduced in the 2023 preseason are not definitive (few things in this game are) and could disappear from the game before the start of season 13. Everything will depend on how they settle in the title and what the opinion is of the League of Legends community. Of course, our reading is not worth a priori: we will have to play for a few weeks with this new mechanics before Riot Games even thought about it.