NBA Dallas Mavericks collect embarrassing bankruptcy against nuggets


The Dallas Mavericks have received an embarrassing bankruptcy against the Denver Nuggets, which have to do without three stars Visit website. At 97:98, Luka Dončić gets unexpected support from the second row, but that's not enough. The highlight of the game is a buzzer therapist that is completely crazy after the first half

Dallas Mavericks (9-7)-Denver Nuggets (10-6) 97:98 (Box core)

Against a Nuggets team without Nikola Jokić, Jamal Murray (both Health and Safety Protocols) and Aaron Gordon (sick), Dallas had certainly planned a victory before the game. It turned out differently. The Mass stars were completely cold from a distance, but Bones Hoyland turned on the opposite side and Denver found the trail of success after two defeats in a row

Luka Dončić flirted with a triple double (22 points, 7/16 FG, 9 rebounds and 8 assists), but lacked efficiency on the triple (2/8 3FG) and on the free-wing line (6/10 ft). However, he did not have these problems exclusively. Dallas met as a team only 12/21 Freebies, Reggie Bullock (3, 1/5 threesome,-25), Tim Hard away Jr. (2, 0/9 FG) or Spencer Dinwiddie (11 and 8 Assists, 1/8 threesome) Was hardly any help. The latter injured himself on the left shoulder shortly before the end. Maxi glue (back) had to fit again

But Dončić got support from the second row. Josh Green in particular played a strong game, brought energy from the bank and had the urgently needed hot hand. With 23 points at 6/7 from the distance, he set up two Career highs. Davis Bertans also provided strong support from the bank (15, 4/5 threes), but ultimately it was not enough. Hoyland (13 out of 29 points in the fourth quarter, plus 6 assists), Bruce Brown (12 and 8 Assists) and Michael Porter Jr. (14) successfully spat the Mass in the soup. Deandre Jordan also grabbed 8 points and 17 rebounds

Dončić was noticeably back in the early minutes. He was largely limited to play making, when he finished, the rhythm self was still missing from the free sausage line (the first two went next to it). It took 10 minutes for the Slovenian to sank his first throw. The nuggets lost early Jeff Green, who injured his knee in a dark. 25:25 after the first quarter

But afterwards the decimated nuggets were always too easy to go into the zone (30:14 points in The Paint in the first half), which used them for an 11-0 run. However, thanks to unexpected help for Dončić Went, Green and Bertans, Dallas made important scoring from the bank and together 6 three thanks to unexpected help

Dončić was also successful with the Buzzer from Downtown, but as a review showed, he was shortly before. Curiously, the last 2 seconds of the first half after the break tea were repeated-and now sank Plato Cancer the buzzer beater from his own half, completely crazy! Only 56:55 for the Mass

MASS fight back and lose thanks to Green and lose

With the apparently somewhat shocked home side, relatively little went offensive, but according to several foul whistles, Dončić, according to several in his view, was incorrectly broad. In the middle of the third quarter he simply stayed on the court, while Contagious Caldwell-Pope turned a threesome on the other side. This occurred extremely rarely in this round (1/9 threesome), Denver set itself up to 10 points. Until the end of the round, the Texans shortened again to 74:79

The shooting weakness did not apply to Green. The 22-year-old added further triplets in the final section, a Bertans triangle brought Dallas the lead and naturally green again on the bench about seven minutes before the end of Dončić. However, it remained exciting to the crunch time, both off-the-go left several options

Two minutes before the end, a Dunk from Dwight Powell put on +4 after a nice Dončić play. On the other hand, the strong Hoyland shortened, Green awarded his first threesome and MPJ turned the game from a distance with his first goal. 3.7 seconds before the end, Dallas got one last chance, Dončić had the ball on the logo, pressed off too long. Reggie Bullock's attempt after an offensive rebound only landed on the ring, victory for the nuggets!

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Josh Green (23)

| Bones Hoyland (29) Rebounds| Luka Dončić (9)| DeAndre Jordan (17) Assists| Luka Dončić (8)| Bruce Brown (8) Steals| Dorian Finney-Smith (2)| Porter Jr., Cancer (JE 2) Blocks| Finney-Smith, Dinwiddie, McGee (JE 1)| u.a. Brown, Porter Jr. (JE 1)