Nexon immersed in 'selection and concentration'… 4 years results are introduced in G -Star

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon), who has been developing a 'selection and concentration' development strategy since 2019, will show the results of the company.

Nixon aims at the global market in G-Star this year to win a variety of genres this year, and the platform has been expanded to predict pad play such as PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Lee Dungeon, CEO of Nixon Korea, unveiled nine details at the Nixon G-Star 2022 Preview press conference held in the 1994 Hall of Nixon Pang yo Office. Nixon, who participates in G-Star offline four years after 2018, has set the main slogan this year as 'return'.

Since 2019, Nixon has expressed its willingness to change its new development strategy to 'selection and concentration' and return to the beginning rather than dwell on the Milestone itself and focus on 'fun' until the company is proud of it.

Representative Lee Dungeon said, I have been running a heavy choice and intensive strategy for the past period, and I returned to G-Star as a game company that produces the value of fun with the results I have invested. Reminiscent of the spells that I use, I want to return to the beginning and convey the excitement to a new world.

◆ 9 kinds of exhibits… Including 5 kinds of video release in 4 demonstrations

Nixon will provide 300 booths, the largest B2C Hall in G-Star 2022, and offers four new demonstrations that will be released next year. The demonstration platform also plans to launch a PC, console and mobile.

APOL1 First, 'Making Mobile' is a large-scale multi-contact role-playing game (MMORPG) that has been further worked in combat and adventure while modernizing the original life contents. The racing game 'Cart rider: Drift', which announced the global pre-season opening except the console on January 12, next year, can be demonstrated on PCs and mobile.

In this year's G-Star, console demonstrations are also available. The new root shooter 'First Dependent' can be seen with PC5, including PCs, and will be played as a Nintendo Switch for Sub-brand Mint Rocket's marine adventure management simulation game 'Dave the Diver'.

The G-Star 2022 Nixon Demonstration Zone is designed in the form of a decalkomani centered around the central light emitting diode (LED) screen with a width of 82 m and 6 m long.

There will also be five new trailers. First, the first trailer of the 'Dungeon & Fighter' Intellectual Property Right (IP) Intellectual Property Right (IP) will be released.

Lee said of the project AK, At first, I was making an RPG base with the open world, but there was an opinion that I would like to pull the control and action to the limit through the soul like form. Let's get GOT. '

The action RPG 'Project Overkill' of the same IP will show eight-way battle play, and the 'Hwanhwarojeon Online' video, which is being developed with Super cat aiming for a pleasant 'laughs MMORPG', will be released with the original characters.

The play video of the SPORTS game 'God sum: Clash of God', which is being developed by Nixon Games, and the action MORPH 'Night Walker' cinematic trailer, which is being developed by Ace Tom, will also be presented at G-Star.

Nixon also released the teaser video of the new project 'Project DX' at the event site. Project DX is a new MMORPG based on Durango IP, which has ended the service with the regret of many fans. It is developed with its unique gameability along with the original dinosaur, survival and crafting elements.

Gang Hang-jun, who created 'Turn on the lighter' and 'Memory Night', and his wife, Kim Punches, who wrote 'Signal' and 'Kingdom', also participated in the new film 'Rebound' participation. Rebounds are the stories of Susan Central High School Basketball Students who challenge their dreams with their passion for basketball even in poor environments.

Lee said, The essential conditions for the survival of the game company are IP reserves, and IP should be defined as storytelling rather than game title. I'm sure it's going to be a surviving company. Bold investments and collaboration to secure IP will continue to continue in the future.