Rumor indicates that Nintendo would be making reimbursements of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been somewhat diffuse, because there are players that they loved, admitting that they are having a great time when the Pale region will travel. However, there are also disappointed people with this launch for Switch, especially because of the technical problems that the delivery is dragging.


These types of technical problems have appeared in some Internet videos that have possibly vitalized, since most users have reported not having errors. However, those who have touched this detail have not seemed to have used their money in the title, so apparently a refund is being sought.

It is worth mentioning that Nintendo does not issue reimbursements regarding user satisfaction, it only happens when someone has made hackers in the account of the respective affected user. Even so, the reimbursement was achieved by some, since they called the customer service area, where they requested the money back and therefore, access to the application would be removed.

Clearly this is only for people who bought their digital copy, since physics has no way to have a return of money, physical format distributors such as target or GameStop also have no satisfaction refund, unless the product comes out totally unrushed or that the console does not read the card. Even so, there is the option to resell it in the store itself.

In the end Nintendo does not have this policy, but if they get in touch with them, the return of money could be possible.

Via: Nintendo

Editor's note: I think the issue that Pokémon looks and does not run so well is something exaggerated, since at the end of the day he meets being a fun video game. But apparently, there is also reason that Game Freak should technically improve its developments.