Sweep the rogue, update the martial arts racing sand episode

INTO Games announced on the 11th that it has updated the new episode, Racing Sand, on a subculture collectible tower defense inorganic.

The background of the new episode racing sand is an endless white sand desert. The rogues on the desert are on the rise, and the trade route is destroyed, and the player, the Minos Crisis Management Bureau, cooperates with prisoners and rogues.

In addition, he updated the two characters in the new episodes of the Arcane Characteristic S-class, and the Endura-character A-class Katakana. Together, five prisoners were added, including Damon, Knox, astrologist, Summer and Katakana.

In accordance with this update, In Games will hold a variety of events. First, we will open various contents such as ▲ derailment route, endless voyage ▲ abyss window, and Irish Trade Center until the 22nd.


In addition, if you open a limited stage battle to complete the mission, you will be offered A-class prisoners, Katakana, and profile border, 'White Night Pear' and Cube. Until the 24th, the Morning Star of the Lighthouse attendance check event will be provided with various rewards such as cubes and stamina for 7 days.

For more information, you can check the weapon beauty through the official website.