Genshin Impact: The Best Team Composition For Faruzan

Tarzan is one of the recent additions of Genshin Impact with version 3.3. The character follows the December character prayer banner, alongside the five Stars Amarillo and Into, highlights of the update. It is the new bet between the four RPG stars, being an AEMO vision archer, which works in the support position. Their skills consist of granting bonuses to anxious characters. To extract the best of archer, the ideal is to set up teams with at least one character who has this element.


Tarzan was designed to follow at least one Anemia DPS, no wonder its release coincided with that of Walker, a cause of extremely powerful damage. She can snort allied skills and decrease the animus resistance of enemies, so her ideal team composition needs to contain characters in this element. Their constellations also give a bonus in power generation and buffs.


The former Patti is an option to have among the Archer team, others An emos, such as Halo and Vent, also does not choose efficient for Tarzan. In addition, it is possible to make compositions with other elements, such as Bennett Pro, which may have its element spread through the An emos skills. Or even Geo characters, which do not cause powerful elemental reactions, but are strong DPS and defenses to face enemies that deal high damage.

The best team combinations for Tarzan

Option 1: Walker, Vent and Bennett

Walker is the main DPS of the team, followed by Vent, both receive buffs in their skills for the talents of Tarzan and Bennett. With more than one animus, the elemental resonance of Anemia agility is activated, with decreased stamina consumption by 15%, increasing the speed of movement by 10%and decreased ability recharge by 5%. Tarzan will be able to intensify Vent and Walker damage, as well as make the confrontation easier for both by decreasing the elemental resistance of enemies. With a wanderer and Vent, the team will have a strong group control. Arc hon can keep enemies together, the right movement for the walking attacks to reach them. Bennett's pro element still interacts with Anemia of the three characters, the team can have a good elemental application, due to An emos to spread the flames to the opponents easily. Bennett grants damage to team members and life regeneration for their talents and constellation 6, fire and courage. When Bennett's element contacts the Elemental Walker ability, Anemia gains 30% of attack bonuses.

Option 2: Xiao, Zwingli and Albedo

Anemone formation is widely used by players. The composition is made by a double animus and another Geo, in this case, Xiao, Tarzan, Zwingli and Albedo. Tarzan may grant animus resistance reduction and increase in damage and critic animus to Xiao. This composition is usually made with Jean instead of Tarzan, without the great master, the team will be without a healer, which means that it should invest in the protection of Zwingli, which will be in the team such as the squire and buffer. With the protection of Zwingli, the DPS pair, Xiao and Albedo could act more freely. Albedo will allow the activation of Geo resonance, the strength of the shield, with Zwingli, this effect increases the shields by 15%. In addition, when the character is protected by the shield, it has the following effects: damage caused increases by 15%, however, when causing damage to enemies, resistance against the geography element of enemies decreases by 20% by 15s.

Option 3: Walker, Elan and Bennett

In this composition, Walker once again assumes the main DPS function, alongside Elan, while Bennett and Tarzan are the duo that sustains and grants buffs to the team. Elan Hydro will result in an increase of 20 within the limit of the empty power of wanderer upon contact with the elemental skill. With the Supreme of Tarzan, it is possible to reduce the animus resistance and grant Anne damage bonuses to wanderer. Having the pair in the same team allows the activation of Anemia's agility resonance, which decreases stamina consumption by 15%, increases the speed of movement by 10%and decreases to reload of skill by 5%. Bennett guarantees increased damage to team members and regeneration of life for their talents and constellation 6, fire and courage. When Bennett's pro contacts the wanderer's elemental ability, Anemia gains 30% attack bonuses. With Bennett and Elan together, the team can apply the vaporizing effect against enemies.