How To Get Free Nike New Year's Glasses In Nikeland - Roblox


Nike land celebrates the New Year earlier than all thanks to a limited event that invites players to feel the magic of winter, riding skates, skis and, of course, playing snowballs! Players who will participate in sufficient number of games in snowballs will even win the free UGC accessory-Nike New Year's glasses. Continue to read below to find out how to unlock these stylish shades before they disappear forever.

How to unlock New Year's Nike glasses in Nikeland-Roblox

Appearing in Nike land, go to the frozen lake behind the demonstration hall. Once there, follow the luminous snowballs-you will need to beat the players 90 of them to earn New Year's Google. To collect the snowball, just enter it. You can keep up to 10 snowballs at the same time and throw them into the players by pressing the question. The player, to whom you are the closest when you hold the snowball, will be surrounded by a blue aura, indicating that you are currently aiming at it. After you quit at least 90 snowballs, you automatically unlock the UGC winter icon and Nike New Year's glasses. That's all! Successful throwing! Looking for more Roblox content, including free items? Check out our latest guidelines on how to get free UGC T-shirts in Nikeland-Roblox or how to get Nike Swoosh sunglasses and Nike Striker shorts in Roblox Nike land here in Pro GAME Guides!