James Gunn Clarifies Whether The Batman Will Be In His Movie

Although DCE still has four films planned by 2023, many wonders what will happen with the DCU once the plans of James Gun and Peter Saran entered. In this way, a new report ensures that The Batman, director Matt Reeves, could be part of this universe. According to a new report by Variety, Gun and Saran they would be looking for the way Robert Atkinson's Batman is part of the extensive world of DCU, something that has previously been mentioned would not be the case. Fortunately, Gun pointed out on Twitter that this is not the case:

There are few reporters that I love more than @adambvary, really a good guy, but in this case you need to obtain a new source, since this is completely false. In this way, it is clear that the idea of creating a universe of The Batman, separated from all plans for the DCU, is still standing. Together with The Batman 2, we must not forget that a penguin series, and another focused on Arkham Asylum, are in development. Thus, each of these projects would be away from what Gun and Saran have planned. On related issues, a Batman movie: Beyond was in development. Similarly, Ben Affleck talked about the end of his Batman.


Editor's note: These are good news. The Batman offers us a version of the night knight that would be a total contrast with any idea of a film universe.

We can only wait for more information about the new Matt Reeves and Robert Atkinson movie.