Mu Online's Newest Server, Kara, Opens To Players


Wezen (CEO Kim Jae-young) is PC MMORPG' Mu Online 'will hold a new server' Kara 'official opening event.

Game members who fostered the characters at 'Speed Server', which were introduced on the 25th of last month, can be transferred to the new server with no restrictions on fostering levels, and can be transferred for free per account.

Wezen also prepared a separate nurturing package for game members who did not have experience using the Speed Server. All members who have created the character from the new server will provide a package of a variety of scrolls and a third-tier item.

In commemoration of the opening of the new server 'Kara', various events will be held. Special compensation is provided to members who have played games for more than 20 hours, and additional items are provided for each purchase product for the first time and a specific package.

In addition, game members can benefit from the content progress. The guilds who participated in the first siege and achieved excellent achievements can earn two 'Golden Pen', and the final guild, such as '13 Enhancement Absolute Weapons', can be obtained. The Guild One Recruitment Event, which is compensated for the guild-level guilds, and the 'EXP Ranking Event' to cover the members who foster the characters at the fastest speed.

In addition, more information on the opening of the new server can be found on the official Mu Online website.