The Kinetic Hand Cannon: Destiny 2's Rosa is back!

The wait is finally over! Rosa, the legendary kinetic hand cannon from Destiny 2 is back in game and available to purchase. Find out what has changed, what new features this version of Rosa brings to the game and how it can be obtained.


Rosa is back! The kinetic hand cannon with 140 rpm was one of the most popular and most effective famous hand cannons in Destiny 2, and the players now finally have the chance to buy them once again. The gamers are unquestionably wondering how to get Rose in Destiny 2. In order to stay up to date with the next significant growth, you should definitely examine the release date, the history, the gameplay and more of Destiny 2 Nightfall so that you know what to expect when it is finally in our hands. In the meantime, take an appearance at the best Destiny 2-Titan Build, the best Destiny 2-Warlock-Build and the very best Destiny 2-hunter structure to take a lead over the enemies prior to the release of Destiny 2 Season 20 of light to supply light.

Destiny 2, how to get rose

To get Rose in Destiny 2, you need to finish the Dividing the Ladder mission from Lord Shape, which you commissioned to finish positioning matches in the Competitive Playlist in Crucible. As quickly as you have completed this quest, you will receive a static function Rose. Because receiving the weapon is not bound by the achievement of certain competitors, Rose Guardian's all skills levels are available. In addition to making increased, completing the Dividing the Ladder quest also provides access to weekly difficulties for the competitive playlist. You will get a variation of rose with random throws when you complete the competitive weekly difficulties. Therefore, you can make a rose with random throws per character and week.

The very best functions for rose in the EVE are: Corkscrew rifle Tactical likes Quick hits Explosive payload The finest roles for rose in the PVP are: Little hole Specifically round Continuous motion maker Opening shot The popular Destiny database light GG has a full list of weapon tosses and discount rates. This is all you need to understand getting Rose in Destiny 2, consisting of how you get random litters for the weapon each week. Speaking of mighty weapons, here you can discover how to get Revision No in Destiny 2 and hierarchy of requirements in Destiny 2. This indicates that you are ready to win much more competitive matches or to deal with the most difficult EVE material.