What Loses Aki To Get The Devil Of The Future? Answered

A key aspect of the tradition of the anime and the manga of Chainsaw Man are the demons and the contracts they make with humans. In exchange for fantastic powers, humans must give something to demons in return. This can vary from one of the five senses of the human being to a literal pound of his flesh and can even be his life as a whole if they are asking for an extreme amount of power.


With all this in mind, Aka's last Devil contract probably let you ask you: what Aka loses to get the Future Devil and his powers? We had the same question, and could find some answers investigating the manga. However, be careful: there are massive spoilers ahead for the Katina man's arch and the fate of a specific character.

What does Aka give up for the future powers of the devil in Chainsaw Man?

Answered It turns out that Aka loses nothing in exchange for making a contract with Future Devil and using his powers in Chainsaw Man. This is because Future Devil only asks to reside in Aka's right eye until his death. He does this because he investigated Aka's future and discovered that he will suffer one of the worst imaginable deaths, in addition to suffering great difficulties during the time he has left. As a result, he wants to have a front row to see all Aka's suffering and pain and be there when he comes to an end. This is not a lie or a lantern. Throughout the rest of the series, Aka can use Future Devil's powers without losing parts of his body, his senses or parts of his remaining life.

How bad is Aka's death?

Unfortunately, Future Devil also gets what he wanted to grow near the climax of the Chainsaw Man Public Safety saga. After reaching a point where they have enough fragments of Gun Devil to find and fight Gun Devil, Aka despairs to keep Benji and Power safe from the battle that is coming. To this end, he meets Maxima and tells him that he will do anything for her and give her everything she wants to keep them safe. Then he tells her to make a contract with her, revealing that she is device control. Under his control due to his powers of influence and hypnosis, Aka accepts and becomes his pawn. Maxima then uses Aka to fight Gun Devil, and when he is on the verge of death, he has Aka's body and makes him a Gun Fiend. Then he returns with Benji and Power, and because Gun Devil and Maxima manipulate him simultaneously, attacks them. Without another option, Benji is forced to kill Aka in his form of Chainsaw Man, mutilating him and leaving Benji traumatized. With luck, this was clarified what Aka lost to get the devil of the future and his powers in Chainsaw Man. To get more information about the series, we have a lot of other guides on issues such as why people were exploiting, who is the Future Devil and if Maxima dies or not. We also have a lot of articles that are not guide related to the series, which you can find below. Related Posts When did Aka get the cursed sword in Chainsaw Man? Answered The highly expected anime Chainsaw Man Meets Godzilla obtains an official launch window Why is Gun Devil so powerful in Chainsaw Man? Explained 5 current sleeves that could become the next Chainsaw Man Who visited Aka at the hospital at Chainsaw Man? Answered