Xbox One S Is Now Cheaper Than Ever, So Why Wait?

A couple of months ago, Sony raised the prices for his 2 PS5 models in Germany by 50 euros each. Microsoft turns it over and quickly decreases the cost of the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S now officially for 229 euros at Microsoft normally calls 299.99 euros for the Xbox Series S as a Rebut quickly prior to Christmas, the business chose to provide the compact console more affordable.

A take a look at the Microsoft Store reveals that the Xbox Series S is now provided there for simply 229 euros.


Enjoy Xbox Series S in the Microsoft Store For how long the deal applies exactly can not be estimated-a tweet from Microsoft recommends that this is a Christmas project (source: Twitter-Microsoft). It can be assumed that the official price of the console will be fixed upwards in the new year. However, real bargain hunters know that this is even more affordable. After all, the Xbox Series S was used a little cheaper in the past. And if you are trying to find the very best rate for the Xbox Series S presently, you do not actually purchase straight from Microsoft, however from Amazon, MediaMarkt or Saturn. There is the Xbox Series S simply for 222.00 euros. Additional shipping costs do not use to any of the companies. Here, too, it can be assumed that the prices will increase a bit once again at the start of the new year. So choose to strike quickly now. We reveal you very important information about the Xbox Series X | s in our video:

Price course of the Xbox Series S at a glance

However is the offer truly worth it? Here is the price course of the Microsoft console at a look: Within the past six months, the Xbox Series S was nearly even more affordable in one day-in mid-November, the price even briefly fell to around 200 euros. Nevertheless, 222 euros are an actually strong deal for the Xbox Series S.

for whom is it worth purchasing the Xbox Series S?

The purchase of the Xbox Series S is especially rewarding for you if you are still in possession of a rather older television that only dissolves in Complete HD and uses a refresh frequency of 60 Hz. The Series S is likewise terrific as a 2nd console. The only drawback: Since no disc drive is installed in the Series S, you can just buy and play games via the Microsoft Shop. Considering that the SSD is likewise just 512 GB, you can just set up a few video games at the very same time. However, if you don't trouble you, you can strike on the eBay offer. By the method: The Xbox Game Pass appropriates as an ideal addition to the Xbox Series S. for 9.99 euros a month your access to a big game library, which is updated by Microsoft at routine periods.