Is #Twitchcon2023 In Las Vegas? Date & Location Leaked - Here's What We Know

The Twitchcon 2022 in San Diego brought lots of content creators together and was one of the biggest in history. This was likewise due to the reality that the event needed to be canceled in previous years. When the Twitchcon 2023 occurs is not yet officially understood. Recently, nevertheless, Twitch streamer Theotherjz pointed out that Twitch unintentionally published the hotel booking page for the Twitch CON 2023. The link to the Passkey page of the event now has no more outcomes. As can be seen in the screenshot of Twitch partner Smirk below, the link was readily available for a short time and revealed the date and location of the Twitch CON 2023.

Twitchcon 2023 in Las Vegas in October?

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According to Smoky, the organizers used the very same reservation portal as for the Twitch CON 2022 in San Diego. The page indicates that the Twitchcon 2023 is to run from October 20, 2023, to October 22, 2023. Considering that absolutely nothing has actually yet been formally announced by Twitch, the concern arises whether Twitch fans ought to currently prepare with this date or not. The leakage seems real and makes sense on a number of levels. There are also points that speak against it.

Twitchcon at the exact same time as music celebration?

The Twitchcon 2022 occurred from October 7th to 9th, so the period for 2023 resembles the previous year. The location (Las Vegas) is not far from San Diego and has typically been the venue for a Twitch CON. You ought to delight in the information from the leak with caution. Throughout the very same duration, the well-known celebration when we would Young takes place in Las Vegas. A range of bands appear in the Las Vegas Festival Premises, consisting of Blink-182, Green Day and Thirty Seconds to Mars. The open-air area has area for 85,000 spectators and will definitely be entirely sold out again. The visit for the Twitch CON 2023 might be a mistake, otherwise the occasions would clash in regard to schedule. In any case, Jerk fans are currently out of the house. After the leakage became known, #Twitchconlasvegas and #Twitchcon 2023 already travels on Twitter.


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