Unlocking The Mysteries Of Skyrim - A Comprehensive Guide To Assembling Without Weapons (2023)

Skyrim is always the popular Elder Scrolls saga, in which players constantly find new and innovative methods of the game. The game is very popular in modding circles, but you can always find interesting and alternative ways to have fun without touching the game files.

One of these methods is to fight with opponents with bare hands. This leadership will help you create a viable assembly with your bare hands, which will leave your opponents broken and bruises!

guide for assembling a naked fist in Skyrim

The creation of a build for a fighter, which focuses on fist battles, is a difficult task because Skyrim focuses on weapons and magical battles. The developers allow only fists to fight, but they meant this only in extreme cases. This is still feasible, but you will need to reduce the difficulty and completely build your character around it. This is the only way to get this assembly without modifying the game.

selection of races for a hungry build in Skyrim

Armenians and Fajita are the two most favorable races for this type of assembly in Skyrim. Starting from any of these two races, you get a bonus to damage without weapons. These are the starting glasses of damage without weapons for everyone: Armenian: 20 Wait: 22 Your choice between them is not mandatory in this matter, but it will help, especially at the beginning of the game.

Selection of Armor for the Helium Build in Skyrim

The choice of armor for assembling with bare hands in Skyrim should always be heavy armor.


A pester tree of heavy armor skills called Steel Fists will give you additional damage glasses without weapons, depending on your rating of heavy armor gloves. This perk will be your main source of damage in this assembly. In addition, the unarmed build is by no means optimal, so you will definitely benefit from protection against heavy armor.

Selection of blacksmithing skills for assembling with bare hands in Skyrim

You will need to invest in blacksmithing if you choose the assembly with your bare hands in Skyrim. This skill will provide you with access to the best set of heavy armor and gloves, without resorting to accidental luck during robbery. The best sets of armor become extremely rare as you advance in the game, and fighting without weapons will not be easy, even without non-optimal equipment that will help you. It is unnecessary to say that in the end you will want to get to the armor from the dragon plate. Are you looking for more Skyrim leaders? We have what you need; Check out the Skyrim alchemy leadership-a list of the best recipes and how to cure vampires in Skyrim here, in games for games!