3 Essential Functions of USB-C Cable That Every User Should Know About

Anyone who thinks of charging directly with the USB-C cable is not wrong. But there can be much more than devices to supply electricity. Dortmund-The times when you have as many charging cables as devices will soon come to an end. Because from autumn 2024, electronic devices in the EU should have a uniform USB-C connection. But the new cable can charge much more than just. Which three functions you should definitely know, more on this.


Transfer data at lightning speed: the new USB-C connection is much better The very current USB-C cables transmit data at a speed of 10 gigabits per second (GBPS). At the beginning of the USB era, the speed for data transfer was just a megabit per second. At the beginning of 2024, according to the Internet portal Future zone, a new generation of USB-C cables (USB4 2.0 specification) should come out. It then creates eight times as many data per second as the latest models, i.e. 80 GPS. Incidentally, the speed is not only shown in data transmission, but also the charging of cell phones, tablets and Co.


New connector can be used in a variety of ways: transmit video and audio files with USB-C can also transmit many data types-including video and audio-via a single plug. In addition, USB-C not only replaces all forms of USB connections. Thunderbolt, HDMI, MHL and DisplayPort can also be used with just one connection. This enables devices with just one USB connection to different things such as video and audio output. This brings advantages for both your design and your use, explains Future zone.


But be careful: Not all USB-C connections also support all modes. It depends on the devices and cables.


Cable can be inserted as desired: USB-C plugs always fit, no matter how around Transfer data and electricity in both directions: This is also a new and popular function that the USB-C port brings. It doesn't matter how the plug is put into the connection. Both sides are identical and work immediately. In addition to the cable of the cable, which is avoided by the uniform connections next year, this could be a very popular function.

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