Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 To-Do List for Week 6 - Level 70 & World Quest Bonus Event

Today's perk event is centered around world pursuit, and also we've upgraded our order of business to assist you prioritize your day-to-day and also once a week goal in the video game.

I Have Not Gotten To Level 70

  • Focus on reaching Level 70 by following a couple of side as well as the major project missions along the road. The entire process is highlighted in the speed-leveling route by Harlan, that reached Level 70 in just 4 hrs and also 31 minutes.
  • If you've just gotten to max degree, we have actually set up a guide for fresh Level 70 personalities to prepare you for raiding.

Dragon flight Spot 10.0.5 To-Do Listing for Week # 5.

What's New This Week?

There are multiple WeakAuras that assist you track your purposes in Dragon flight. We advise you examine them out:.



  • Tampa's Dragon flight Helper.
  • Xi rev's Dragon flight thirty minutes Rare Spawn Timer.

Other Goals.

  • Sign of the Animal raises Fight family pet experience by 100%. Defeat 5 gamers with Find Battle with a team of level 25 gamers for the weekly pursuit to get 1 Ultimate Battle-Training Rock.
  • Pursuit for an additional Revival Catalyst cost can be conveniently grabbed at the Great Vault in Valdrakken. Please note you can only have 5 costs per character. Before picking which Season 1 product you would certainly such as to transform, make certain to open your weekly breast and run Safe of the Incarnates (LFR if you do not raid) so that you do not lose your cost on developing a Tier Set item you would certainly have or else obtained from various other resources. Revival Catalyst has no catch-up as well as you will just receive 1 cost each week.
  • Tip: You can bring back removed Period 1 things for the Resurgence Stimulant.

  • Quest for one more Revival Stimulant cost can be comfortably picked up at the Great Vault in Valdrakken. Choose up the Weekly Quest in Valdrakken named Helping the Accord. Gather 3,000 online reputation with any of the 4 significant factions to receive 500 credibility with all intrigues as well as a possibility at one item of gear which ranges with your Thing Degree. Don't stress if you really did not full last week's quest, the development will lug over. The rewards will once again scale with your degree.

  • Alts who did not start the Flicker of Ingenuity quest line can chat to the Spirit near the Engine of Technology in Valdrakken to receive 5 Triggers of Resourcefulness. When it's up for Item Level 389 loot, Total the Tornado's Fury Occasion in Primarily Tomorrow.

  • Complete Mage Tower Obstacles to open rewards.
  • Concentrate on clearing the Vault of the Incarnates raid for loot on various other troubles for loot and completing your Tier Set, as well as obviously, unlocking even more equipment selections in the Great Safe.
  • If you do not invade, try completing the raid on Raid Finder Problem. The minimal item level to queue up for the raid is 359.
  • Try to clear at the very least 8 Mythic Dungeons each week to unlock all thing choices in the Great Safe.
  • Collect Honor in PVP to unlock more item selections in the Great Safe.
  • Total Primal Storms for catch-up gear.
  • Choose up the Weekly Mission in Valdrakken named Aiding the Accord. Gather 3,000 track record with any of the 4 major factions to get 500 credibility with all factions and an opportunity at one item of gear which scales with your Product Level. Do not stress if you really did not total last week's pursuit, the progress will certainly roll over.
  • If your primary has Renown maxed out with a Significant Intrigue, you will rather obtain a Boa online reputation token that you can send to alts, granting them a great deal of online reputation with the catch-up (thanks @jarger)!
  • Raise your Renown with the four significant factions by completing World Quests and World Events. The weekly events assure to drop loot. The rewards will certainly again scale with your degree.
  • At Renown 5 with Marduk Centaur, complete Grand Pursues to obtain Grand Quest Spoils. The initial search of the week has a possibility to consist of the Plains walker Holder mount.
  • Full Valdrakken Career Quests for Skill Things as well as Career Knowledge.
  • Complete Program Your Guts for simple Artisan's Mettle.
  • Defeat Super Rares for equipment.
  • Complete Siege of the Dragon bane Maintain for a possibility at loot.
  • Complete the weekly Community Banquet for loot as well as 500 online reputation with the ISARA Tusk arr.

  • Globe Manager Liskanoth is readily available on live web servers. In charge has a possibility to drop Item Degree 395 loot.

  • The Trading Article will certainly provide new items starting tomorrow, so do not forget to buy whatever you really did not or freeze a thing for following month if you really did not have adequate Teddies this month.
  • Indication of the Emissary enhances online reputation gains from Globe Pursuits by 50%. Don't forget to finish 10 Globe Pursuits for the weekly pursuit to obtain 2,500 track record (1 Renown) with your picked Significant Intrigue.