Explore the Uncharted Easter Egg in The Last of Us Episode 7 - Elena Reference Found!

The Last of Us episode 7 includes a referral to both the games Left Behind DLC and Rowdy Pets Uncharted collection.

As Ellie (Bella Ramsey) heads through the shopping mall with Riley (Tornado Reid), they come across a food court called Macho Nacho.

Not only is that a faithful leisure of the quick food joint from the PlayStation LCS 2014 launch, it was additionally paid onward and referenced by Elena in Uncharted 4. In-universe, it was the initial task for the video clip reporter-- one that she hated.

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Was replaying Left Behind and also discovered this from r/thelastofus

Designer Naughty Pet, meanwhile, is reportedly done with the Uncharted collection. Had the ability to place our final brushstroke on that tale and also say that were d1. We're going on, co-president Neil Luckmann informed BuzzFeed (opens in brand-new tab).

One new wrinkle for Joel, his panic assaults, has actually been spotted in The Last of United States Component 1 remake on PS5, while 2 Component 2 cameos-- Dina as well as Glimmer-- likewise turned up in the sixth episode.


The Last people have actually likewise been filled with hidden details-- and blunders-- in recent weeks. An early indication of the Codices infection was tucked away in the programs premiere when a classmate of Sarah (Nico Parker) is seen jolting around in the history, a foreboding indication of points ahead.

For much more from 'Left Behind' have a look at our guide to The Last of the United States episode 7 adjustments compares to the games.

On the blunders front, a rogue hand was spotted in one scene entailing Ellie. In an additional, a whole cam crew were left in the shot as the video camera panned over a bridge.