How Much Did Amazon Pay for the Tomb Raider License? eaking Down the Record-eaking Deal

Lara Croft fans can rejoice, as the franchise starred by the character seems to be taking advantage of every possible opportunity to shine and a new announcement has occurred to complete the painting: it seems that there will be a series of Tomb Raider in the Amazon Prime written by Phoebe Waller-idge.

Amazon buys Tomb Raider rights for a large amount

Amazon would have made its second-greatest acquisition in history from the rights to make the Lord of the Rings: the rings of power.


The Tomb Raider franchise has truly proved valuable to Jeff Bezos company, after all, it is worth remembering that there is a new game of Lara Croft in production with collaboration with Amazon Games. According to the Fellowship of Fans website, which had already shared very accurate information about The Lord of the Rings' series before the release of the episodes, Amazon would have spent no less than $600 million to acquire the rights of adventurer Lara Croft. It is important to mention a year ago this franchise still belonged to Square Enix that had sold it to Emace Group for $300 million, sacred profit for the latter that would not have kept it for a long time.

Projects in all directions for Tomb Raider and Amazon

Since the release of the film in 2001 many attempts have been made around the franchise and not always with great success. This time, Amazon embarks on the adventure with several projects, including the game announced at the end of last year. This Amazon Games game, co-developed with Crystal Dynamics, has been sold as the largest Tomb Raider game ever made and currently has no official title or release date. This new game developed at Unreal Engine 5 is not Amazon's only project for the franchise. A new series on the topic of Tomb Raider is also being created, and although we have no more details at the moment, this new series would be written by Phoebe Waller-idge, who notably wrote the Fleabag series, released in 2016. Will we see the return of Tomb Raider's legendary franchise under the direction of Amazon? For now, it will still be necessary to wait for the dates as well as the trailers.